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Foreman Manual

Foreman Manual

Foreman Manual
This guide is an overview of all aspects of the Foreman rank, with everything you need to know whether that be for newly promoted Foremen or if you're interested in the rank. Everything Foreman has to offer, you can expect here.

It is expected of all newly promoted Foremen to read and familiarize themselves with this Manual.

Rank tasks and responsibilities

Foreman is a non-staff rank, that is hierarchically placed between Artist/Guide and Staff. Like the other ranks, they have their own tasks and aspects:
  • Running Jobs:
As Foreman your main priority and task is to run jobs for the community. You will be expected to run a solid amount of jobs per month/week and up to a quality that meets the standards of the Designer, having a clear voice and microphone is essential as well as having good social skills to instruct and lead a group of people, and having the ability to discern who has the ability to take on tasks, for example using Adventurers and Commoners for varying difficulty tasks is welcomed.

The jobs are assigned to you by
Designers, in which case should be either a project leader, co leader or project staff. The Designer will then inform you with information such as build style, size, due date etc. After having all the information about the task, everything else becomes your duty and responsibility to carry out, meaning you do not need any supervision from Staff members.

For jobs that are larger and more complicated such as river digs / vegetation, it is recommended that you use Teamspeak/Discord, as it will make communication easier and more efficient. For smaller and simpler jobs like root fixing and roads, you are allowed to use in game chat, however using Teamspeak/Discord is the more recommended option for whatever job you are hosting.

In the rare occasion that a problem arises, you have the ability to kick and ban players from your job, having this power is a large responsibility and should be used wisely.​

  • Host or assist plotbuilds:
Another feature the Foreman rank has access to is the plotbuild plugin. Foremen can assist Designers in the execution of plotbuilds in the following ways:

- Create plotbuilds
- Host plotbuilds (i.e. be the main spokesperson of the plotbuild and assign plots if it is a private plotbuild)
- Create plots
- Prepare plots (i.e. building house outlines or similar)
- Review plots (i.e. leave comments on what to improve)
- Accept / Reject plots
Foremen can only host/assist in a plotbuild with the permission of a Designer, who should be either a project leader, co leader or project staff, to which the Foreman can then be part of the plotbuild staff to help monitor the plotbuild with the above commands. Similar to jobs, he will be given all the necessary information of the plotbuild by the Designer.

  • Host plotbuilds using Plotworld:
Similar to the above feature, Foremen have the possibility to host their own plotbuild in plotworld. These plotbuilds should be for projects under the lead of a Designer, ie. poor housing. (Note: for more complex buildings like that example, it is recommended that he should find Commoners +) For this the Foreman must get permission from the respective Designer, again who should be the project leader, co leader or project staff.
  • Building
For the Artist-side option, Foremen are allowed to partake in the deeds of Artists. This includes basically all things Artists do, ranging from regular building in projects, to attending jobs and plotbuilds. But similar to the Guide-side activities, doing these should not be a priority, but rather spare time activities or when no other higher priorities are at hand. However, seeing as Foreman is a build focused rank, casual building can be a slightly higher priority.
New commands

Foremen get access to the following commands:

Running jobs:

As stated earlier, running jobs is your main priority and specialty as Foreman, so knowing and being able to use all these commands is expected of you so be sure to practice these and familiarize yourself with them.
  • /job: Shows you a list of all the job commands.
  • /job start or /job create: First command to create the job, keep in mind once you execute this command everything you say after will be used as the job name. Also, you can only chose a name once, every name you pick is original.
  • !cancel: This can only be used after you have used the command above, this exits out of the create job.
  • /job check: Lets you see if any jobs are being run.
  • /job info [jobname]: Displays all information about the job, including things like status, location, the job owner and coordinates.
  • /job stop [jobname]: Stops the selected job.
  • /job warpto [jobname]: Warps you to the selected job.
  • /job join [jobname]: Joins the selected job.
  • /job archive [number]: Shows you a list of every job performed.
  • /jobadmin: This is a large command which shows you a hub of several actions you can perform after you make the job, keep in mind that these commands are only to modify the job, most of these are already used at the start when you create the job. Once you enter the command, type in chat which job you want to modify, after that, it will display the list of possible commands, choose whichever action by typing it in chat ie. inviteworker
  • addhelper: Can only be used on Staff members, it adds another leader to the job. The 'helper' can then execute all the commands as the initial job leader.
  • banworker: Bans a job participant from the job, he/she cannnot rejoin the job until you unban him/her.
  • bringall: Teleports all the job participants to you.
  • clearworkerinven: Clears all blocks/items out of all the job participants inventories.
  • inviteworker: Invites a worker to your job, used mostly for a private jobs. After executing this command, type in chat the name of the person you wish to invite.
  • kickworker: Kicks a worker from the job, after using this command, enter the players name who you wish to kick in chat.
  • listworkers: Lists all the workers for the job.
  • removehelper: Removes the helper (job staff) from the job.
  • setTeamSpeakchannel: Sets a selected Teamspeak channel.
  • setTeamSpeakwarp: Sets the selected Teamspeak warp.
  • setkit: Sets the kit for other players, for whatever you have in your inventory.
  • setradius: Marks the job radius, the job members can only build/break inside this radius.
  • setwarp: Sets the warp at the place you are standing. All members who join the job will be teleporting there.
  • unbanworker: Unbans a selected worker from the job, allowing him to join again.
  • uninviteworker: Removes an invited worker from the job.
Plotbuild Plugin:

See the Plotbuild Plugin Manual by Ivan1pl for all the commands: Plotbuild Plugin Manual
Architect Plugin:

See the Architect Manual by Eriol_Eandur for all the commands: MCME Architect Manual


A list of any other new commands for Foreman:
  • (coming soon) /ascend: Moves you to the next free space above you.
  • (coming soon) /descend: Does the opposite as ascend, moves you below to any free space.
  • (coming soon) /thru: Moves you through anything you point at, to the other side.
  • /tp [playername]: Teleports you to a player, use in moderation towards Staff members.
  • /give [playername] [item] [amount]: Gives the selected player an item into their inventory.
  • /get [item]: Gives you the item, ie. plants or logs.
  • /vote [playername]: Gives your vote to an Adventurer to aquire the Commoner rank.
Armorstand Editor: Armor Stand Editor Manual
Banner Editor: Banner Editor Manual
Painting Switcher: There is no Manual for this one, as it is quite simple to use.

Use a stick and right/left click on a painting to cycle between the paintings.

Demotion from Foreman

Exceptional demotions can be reasoned by, but not only:

- Infraction of the ToS / server rules
- Inactivity (especially if there are open Foreman applications)
- Not following the tasks as specified in points 4 and 5 above
- Resignation from side of the Foreman
An exceptional demotion can be immidiate but should always be paired with an oral or written explanation of the HD/HE.

With exceptional demotions the resulting rank/status is to be determined individually. If a demotion to Oathbreaker has to be made, the player usually can return to his former rank (Guide or Artist) but usually not to Foreman. If he'd return to Foreman, the serving period / regular demotion date remains unchanged.

If the Foreman wishes to resign, he will be demoted either back to his former rank (Artist/Guide), or to Commoner.
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