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Guidebook Plugin Manual

Guidebook Manual

Plugin for naming places with attached welcome messages.

Guidebook plugin features a number of commands to define areas of different shape and attach a title and a description to them. These are displayed to players when they enter the area.

Guidebooks must be named using this format:

Legend for command description:
  • <mandatoryArgument>
    Must be replaced with an argument text

  • [optionalArgument]
    Can be used for additional information, will use a default value if not specified.

  • Permissions:
    • Adventurer+ command
    • Guide+ command


/guidebook on
Enable receiving guidebook messages (default for new players)

/guidebook off
Disable receiving guidebook messages

/guidebook set <LocationName> [sphere] [#radius]
Define a new area or move an existing one to your position. <LocationName> must be a string without whitespaces. Without optional argument ‘sphere’ your current WorldEdit selection will be used for the area, allowed selections are ‘//sel cuboid’ and ‘//sel poly’. Together with optional argument ‘sphere’ a number for the radius of the spherical region must be given. Your location becomes the location of the area where to can warp to with ‘/guidebook warp <LocationName>’.

/guidebook description <LocationName> [getbook | save]
Initiates a conversation to edit the description of the area. You can show, append, insert, replace or delete lines. There are some specials for nice messages:
  • You may use minecraft formatting codes to add colour and other text formats. As you can’t use ‘§’ in minecraft chat use ‘#’ instead.
  • You may use ‘\n’ for line feed
  • May also include following tags:
    • [Click=”<command or link>”]<clickable text>[/Click]
      This makes a text clickable. Any minecraft command may be executed or a link starting with ‘http:’ or ‘https:’ may be opened. Please note, that there must be no spaces ‘ ‘ in the tags.
      ‘[Click = ” ‘ will not work. Command and clickable text may include spaces of course.
    • [Hover="<hover text>”]<hoverable text>[/Hover]
      When a player points at <hoverable text> the <hover text will be displayed. Click and hover tags may overlap fully or partially.
With optional argument 'getbook' you will get a 'book and quill' with the current desciption of the location in it you may edit it and store the changes with the optional argument 'save'. Books are a bit glitchy sometimes, adding spaces near line feeds for example. Use the conversation for detail fixing.

/guidebook details <LocationName>
Shows details of a Location like shape and coordinates.

/guidebook title <LocationName>
Initiates a conversation to edit the title of an area. In that conversation you may specify a title and subtitle which will be shown for 2 seconds when a player enters the area. You may also choose to show the title at top of screen while the player stays inside the area.

/guidebook size <data>
Changes the size of an area. Argument <data> depends on shape of the area:
  • Sphere: <data> must be a single number for the radius
  • Cuboid: <data> must be six numbers for coordinates of first and second corner
  • Prism: <data> must be two numbers for height level of upper and lower boundary.

/guidebook delete <LocationName>
Delete a location.

/guidebook reload
Reload all guidebook areas from file

/guidebook list [#page]
Shows list of info location. Clicking on a list item warps to that place.

/guidebook warp <LocationName>
Teleports you to an area.

/guidebook help [subcommand]
Shows a list of commands or detailed help on a subcommand.

Helpful WE commands for Guidebook creators:
//expand <amount> [reverse-amount] <direction>

Expand the selection area

//shift <amount> [direction]
Shift the selection area

//sel [cuboid|poly]
Choose a region selector. Guidebook supports cuboid and poly selections.

//contract <amount> [reverse-amount] [direction]
Contract the selection area

//pos2 [coordinates]
: Set position 2

//pos1 [coordinates]
Set position 1

Set position 1 to targeted block

//outset <amount> [-h] [-v]
Expands the selection by the given amount in all directions.
-h only expand horizontally
-v only expand vertically

Get the wand object

Set position 2 to targeted block

//inset <amount> [-h] [-v]
Contracts the selection by the given amount in all directions.
-h only contract horizontally
-v only contract vertically
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