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Human Pack

Human Pack Version 3.3.4 for MC 1.19.4

First part ot the great terrain and vegetation update released!
resource pack version for minecraft 1.15
many blocks were moved again to get free space for new terrain textures and fix culling derps:
  • concrete, concrete powder, and terracotta were moved to mushroom blocks
  • sticky pistons (wheels), were moved to leaves
also item blocks were removed:
  • clothlines -> fence gates
  • plates and cutlery -> light weighted pressure plate
  • barrels with content -> leaves
Many blocks were moved because of new block rendering in 1.13+ which caused invisible "see through" faces.
This only updates the version string on the website.
Updated the block models for Ironfence to correspond to how they looked like pre 1.10
Reskinned glass and stone.
New acacia log.
Fixed transparancy for plants.
New door textures.
Banner textures.