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MCME Architect Manual

Architect Manual
Creative Tools for MCME​

The Architect plugin is an assortment of tools to support building at MCME.


Colours indicate the ranks which have permission for a command or module:​
  • Adventurer (+ all ranks except OB)
  • Artist (+ Designer)
  • Designer
  • Head Builder

  • Armor Stand Editor
    • provides comfortable editing of all properties of armor stands as well as copying and pasting of armor stands. Additionally armor stands can be saved to file. Tool item of Armor Stand Editor is a STICK. Commands are used to select the property to edit.
    • Full manual can be found here: >>Armor Stand Manual<<

  • Banner Editor
    • provides comfortable editing of banners as well as copying and pasting of banners. Additionally banners can be saved to file. Tool item of Banner Editor is a STICK. Commands are used to select the property to edit.
    • Full manual can be found here: >>Banner Stand Manual<<

  • Sign Editor
    • provides comfortable editing of single text lines of a sign.
    • Right-click a sign to edit then click in text chat at the line you want to edit.
    • You will get a prepared command in chat like "/sign 3 old text". The number indicates which line of the clicked sign will be replaced. Just edit the text after the number and issue the command.
    • You can even use color and formatting codes. As typing ‘§’ is hard in minecraft chat color codes are entered using ‘#’ instead.

  • Block Editor
    • Enables changing of paintings by right/left clicking with a STICK.
    • Enables changing of plant growth stages, vines and snow by right/left clicking with a STICK.
    • Enables changing of randomized item block textures by right/left clicking with a STICK.
    • (UPCOMING in 1.13) Choose a block attribute with left-click at a block and apply changes to that attribut with right-click. In this way e.g. connections of stairs and fences can be manipulated.
    • Commands:
      • /chunkupdate
        When using the stick to edit block attributes it may happen that your client drops out of synchronization with the server. This command fixes that.

  • No Physics Blocks Editor
    • Manages no physics lists of block types. Physics checks for all blocks on the list are blocked. There is an individual no physics list for every world.
    • Commands:
      • /noPhy list -all | <worldName>
        Shows the current no physics list for the specified world or all worlds
      • /noPhy exception redstone|water <name>
        Creates a new exception area from your WE selection (cuboid only). Within an exception area redstone circuits are working. But many special blocks will break in such an area so use with care. This is mean for fireworks and very small things like doors openable by a button.
      • /noPhy excpetion delete <name>
        Deletes an exception area.
      • /noPhy add -all | <worldName> <material>
        Adds the specified material to one or all no physics lists. <material> may be /a block ID or a material name like SAND.
      • /noPhy remove -all | <worldName> <material>
        Removes the specified material to one or all no physics lists. <material> may be a block ID or a material name like SAND.

  • Voxel Stencil List Editor
    • Manages stencil lists of Voxel Sniper plugin. You
    • Commands:
      • /sl create <listName>
        Creates a new stencil list with name <listName>
      • /sl load <listName>
        Loads stencil list with name <listName>
      • /sl add <stencilName>
        Adds stencil with <stencilName> to current list. You may use wildcard character ‘*’ for no, one or more arbitrary characters. Subdirectories are enabled use ‘/’ to separate path names.
      • /sl remove <stencilName>
        Removes stencil with <stencilName> from list.
      • /sl save
        Save stencil list to file.
      • /sl show
        Show stencils in current list
      • /vv [list | stencil] [directory] [#page]
        Shows stencil files or stencil list files in specified directory. [directory] may also be any path relative to Voxel’s stencils or stencilLlists directory. Clicking at a file loads that stencil or stencil list into Voxel Sniper. Also it is possible to navigate through directories and pages by clicking.
      • /vv delete [filename]
        Deletes a stencil or stencil list file. ‘File’ must be a path relative to Voxel’s stencils or stencilLists directory. ‘File’ must be a full filename with extension ‘.vstencil’ for a stencil or ‘.txt’ for a stencil list.

  • Randomiser Tool
    Randomising data values, very useful for fields
    • /random
      Randomise your surroundings using the current configuration. Your position is center of randomising area.
    • /random radius <#radius>
      Set affected radius.
    • /random range <min> <max>
      Set range of data values. All blocks in affected area will get one of these data values. This resets the probabilities to even values.
    • /random material <name> [name]...
      Materials whose data values should be randomised. You may choose one or more materials by writing block IDs or material names.
    • /random prob <prob>, [prob]...
      Set probabilities in percent for the randomisation. First given probability will be used for lowes data value. If the given sum of probabilities is not 100 the probabilities of the highest data values will be changed automatically.
    • /random show
      Show current configuration
    • /random showAllowed
      Show materials which may be chosen for randomisation.
    • /random allow <name> [name] ..
      Add one or more materials to the list of allowed materials.(Head Designer only)
    • /random deny <name> [name] ...
      Remove one or more materials from list of allowed materials.

  • Custom Inventories
    • Special inventories with loads of additional blocks for building at MCME.
    • Within a resource region you may open the inventories just by pressing the key to swap hands. By defaut it is 'F', but you may want to change it in options>controls.
    • In category 'misc' of the inventory you will find an inventory opener item. Holding this in main or off hand while pressing 'swap hands' will open the related inventory even outside a resource region.
    • Right-clicking a block with flint in hand will give you that block in inventory. Architect will try to give you blocks according to your current RP.
    • The inventory opener item can be used to pick blocks like it is possible with flint but will give you special blocks from the inventory related to the inventory opener item no matter which RP you are currently using.
    • Left-clicking with flint displays information about a block.
    • Left-/Right clicking with stick in hand can be used to edit block states.
    • Commands:
      • /inv b [rp:<rp-name>] [s:<search>]
        Opens the custom block inventory. Without additional argument the inventory for the resource pack of your current location is opened. With additional argument you can tell the server which inventory to open, which is needed to open the inventory outside of a resource region, for example at Themed-builds. With additional argument [s:<search>] only blocks which contain <search> in their name are shown.
      • /inv h [s:<search>]
        Opens the custom head inventory with all heads from the MCME Head Collection. With additional argument [s:<search>] only blocks which contain <search> in their name are shown.
      • /inv s [rp:<rp-name>]
        Opens saved inventories for the current or specified resource pack.
      • /inv create [rp:<rp-name>] <name>
        Creates a new saved inventory category. This category is accessible for all players. This is meant to make block collections for special build projects like medium class houses in a town.
      • /inv delete [rp:<rp-name>] <name>
        Deletes a previously saved inventory category.
      • /inv reload [rp:<rp-name1>] [rp:<rp-name1>] [...]
        Reloads the content of all custom inventories. With additional argument the configuration files are fetched from the specified resource pack(s) first.

  • Getting Blocks
    • Provides commands to get heads and coloured leather amor.
    • Manages private and public block kits. A block kit consists of up to 9 items and can be loaded into your hotbar.
    • Commands:
      • /get help
        Displays help about the various get subcommands
      • /get head <headName>
        Gives you a custom player head from the MCME Head Collection
      • /get armor <colour>
        Gives you a full leather armor coloured with the given colour. Colour must be a hexadecimal RGB value: FF0000 (red), 00FF00 (green), 0000FF (blue)
      • /get <block kit name> [-o]
        Loads the specified block kit into your inventory. With additional argument -o your current hotbar items are overwitten. Wihout additional argument the block kit items are places at emtpy inventory slots.
      • /get list [#page]
        Displays a list of all public block kits and your own private block kits.
      • /get pcreate <name>
        Creates a new private block kit. You may have up to 10 private block kits.
      • /get create <name>
        Creates a new public block kit.
      • /get publish <name>
        Makes the specified private block kit public.
      • /get unpublish <name>
        Makes the specified public block kit private.

  • Custom Head Manager
    • Provides Commands to submit and manage custom player heads
    • These heads will persist even if the players change their skin and player name.
    • Presents all accepted heads ingame. This presentation is updated automatically. Right click at a presented head gives that head in inventory.
    • Commands:
      • /chead warp
        Teleports you to the MCME Head Collection.
      • /chead list
        Shows a clickable list of all heads in the MCME Head Collection. Clicking at a name gets that head in inventory.
      • /chead submit [playername | playerUuid] <headName>
        Stores a link to the players skin URL at mojang server together with the players UUID and the suggested <headName>. The skin at this URL will not change when the player changes his skin or name. If no playername or playerUuid is specified the skin of the player who issues the command is submitted.
      • /chead review <submittedName>
        Gives the player who issues the command a head previously submitted by a player. This should be used to decide if the head should be available at the MCME Head Collection.
      • /chead reviewListShows a list of all submitted and not yet accepted or rejected heads. Clicking at a head gets that head in inventory as by use of /chead review.
      • /chead accept <submittedName> <acceptedName>
        Accepts a submitted head and adds it to the MCME Head Collection. The head will be available with /get head <acceptedName>. <acceptedName> may include a path like ‘food/cheese’ or ‘food/orkish/driedMeat’.
      • /chead reject <submittedName>
        Deletes a submitted head.
      • /chead delete <headName>
        Deletes a head from the MCME Head Collection.
      • /chead rename <oldName> <newName>
        Renames a head in the MCME Head Collection. Can be used to move a head to another path: /chead cheese food/cheese
      • /chead setcollection
        Defines the location where the MCME Head Collection is presented ingame. Should be a place at plotworld. The Collection will extend from that location to positive z-direction and negative x-direction. Can be used to move the whole presentation of heads.
      • /chead reload
        Reloads the MCME Head Collection from files. Should be used when files are added/removed by hand.

  • Resource Pack Manager
    • Provides commands to manage server resource pack regions
    • Provides commands to configure personal server resource pack settings
    • Various world edit selection can be used for region borders: cuboid, poly, ellipsoid, sphere and cyl
    • Borders of polygonal regions can be edited

    • Commands:
      • /rp eriador | gondor | lothlorien | rohan | mordor | dwarven [-force]
        Switches to the specified resource pack. Needs server textures enabled. You may shorten the names to /rp e | g | l | r | m | d. Optional argument -force sends you the resource pack even if you already using it.
      • /rp auto [on|off]
        Enables or disables sending server resource packs to you. Without additional arguments auto rp status is toggled.
      • /rp px <resolution>
        Configures your preferred RP resolution. You have to specify a the resolution in pixel per block, for examle: /rp px 32
      • /rp variant <name>
        Configures your preferred RP variant. (So far there are no variants but there might be in the future.)
      • /rp create|edit <region>
        Creates or edits a server resource pack region. This will initiate a conversation to edit the configuration of the region.
        • Conversation commands (no leading '/')
          • weight: Sets the weight of the region
          • rp: Sets the RP of this region
          • name: Renames the region
          • setborder: Changes the region border to your current WE selection
          • info: Displays information about region borders
          • quit: Leave the region edit conversation.
          • Only for polygonal regions:
            • addpoint <#index> [x] [y]
              Adds a point before #index without optional arguments x and y player position will be used.
            • removepoint <#index>
              Removes point with #index
            • setpoint <#index> [x] [y]
              Moves point with #index to new positon
            • setmaxy
              Sets upper border
            • setminy
              Sets lower border
      • /rp remove <region>
        Deletes a server resource pack region.
      • /rp list
        Displays a list of all server resource pack regions.
      • /rp calcsha <rp>
        Recalculates the SHA1 hash for a resource pack. Should be run every time a rp is updated. This will cause minecraft clients to update their cached server resource packs.

  • Item Block Manager
    • Limits the amount of entities (item blocks, paintings and item frames) per chunk
    • Default limit is 5
    • Provides commands to get item block information and to create regions with individual entitiy limit
    • Commands:
      • /itemblock list
        Shows a list of all Entity Limit Regions
      • /itemblock stats <radius>
        Shows a list of all Item Block types in a radius
      • /itemblock create <name>
        Creates an Entity Limit Region
      • /itemblock delete <name>
        Deletes an Entity Limit Region
      • /itemblock limit <name> <#limit>
        Sets the entity limit (per chunk) for a region
      • /itemblock remove <radius> [yRadius]
        Removes all item block associated armor stands within <radius> blocks around you. Optional argument [yRadius] may be used to specify a differing radius along y-axis.
      • /itemblock stats <#radius>
        Counts all item blocks within <#radius> around you.
      • /itemblock glow <#radius|off>
        Adds a glowing effect to all armor stands withing <#radius> around you.

  • Area Editor
    • Provides WE like commands which correctly rotate armor stands, item frames, paintings and block states which were manipulated using Block Editor.
    • Fixing Light Derps
      • By right-click with Prismarine Christals in hand you can trigger a light update centered at the target block. Works on long-distance like VoxelSniper.
    • Clipboard Commands:
      • /copy
        Copies your current WE selection to your Architect clipboard.
      • /cut
        Cuts your current WE selection to your Architect clipboard.
      • /rot [90|180|270]
        Rotates your Architect clipboard around the y-axis (no other axis supported). Argument specifies rotation angle in degrees in 90 degree steps. Without any argument your selection is rotated by 90 degree.
      • /flip [x|y|z]
        Flips your Architect clipboard. Argument specifies flip axis. Without any argument your your viewing direction is used to determine the flip axis.
      • /paste [-a] [-b]
        Pastes your Architect clipboard to your current location. With optional argument -a empty blocks (Air) are skipped. With optional argument -b biomes are not pastes.
      • /undo [#]
        Undo your last /paste or /cut. With optional numeric argument you can undo several edits.
      • /redo [#]
        Redo your last /undo. With optional numeric argument you can redo several undo operations.
    • Region Commands:
      • /block count|replace|switch [clear] [blockdata]
        Selects a block selection mode. Optional argument [clear] removes all blocks from your selection of that mode. Optional argument [blocksdata] adds a new block to your selection (usefull for blocks like water you can't click at). Format of [blockdata] must be like minecraft:spruce_slab[type=double].
        • count
          In this mode you can select blocks for counting jobs by right-clicking with prismarine shard.
        • replace
          In this mode you can select blocks for replacement jobs by right-clicking with prismarine shard. First click at a block to search for. Then click at a block to replace with.
        • switch
          In this mode you can select blocks for replacement jobs by right-clicking with prismarine shard. Click at two blocks which should be exchanged with each other during the replacement job.
      • /block clear
        Clears all selected blocks (count, replace and switch)
      • /block list [page]
        Displays saved block selection lists.
      • /block save <filename>
        Saves current block selections to file.
      • /block load <filename>
        Loads blocks selection from file and adds them to your current selection.
      • /count <-we | -rp:<rp-name> | -m:<world-name>>
        Asynchronously counts all blocks (of your count selection list) in your WE selection (option -we), in all regions which are using a specific rp (option -rp) or at a full map (option -m).
      • /replace <-we | -rp:<rp-name> | -m:<world-name>> [-match]
        Asynchronously replaces all blocks (of your replace and switch selection lists) in your WE selection (option -we), in all regions which are using a specific rp (option -rp) or at a full map (option -m).
        Optional argument [-match] also replaces all blocks which can be matched with the blockdata from your block selection list.
Additional Commands
  • Full Brightness Switching
    • /fbt
      Switches on or off night vision.

  • Architect plugin Management
    • /architect help
      Shows help about all commands provided by Architect plugin.
    • /architect version
      Shows the actual version of Architect plugin
    • /architect worlds
      Shows all worlds on the server. You may click at them to teleport there.
    • /architect blockdata
      Returns block data of target block as string
    • /architect weather <clear|rain|thunder>
      Changes weather, overriding weather change protection.
    • /architect placeAllBlockStates
      Places a display of all available blocks. Clears all other builds in the area. Be careful! There is no undo.
    • /architect reload
      Reloads all plugin data: World configuration, custom heads, custom inventories, no physics exception areas, resource pack regions, item kits, item block limit.
    • /architect reloaddata
      Reloads minecraft server data including custom achievements and loot tables.
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