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PVP Server Manual

PvP Manual

This guide to run a pvp game was originally posted by DSESGH:

  1. Unlock the server with /locker lock. This is also the command to lock the server when you're done.
  2. Do /pvp game quickstart <map-name>. The format for the map names is: MM-GG (MM = first two letters of the map title, GG = gamemode abbreviation.) For a one word map (i.e. Rivendell, Hobbiton, etc.) the two letters are just the first two letters of the map (i.e. RI for Rivendell, HO for Hobbiton). For a two plus word map (i.e. Caras Galadhon, Ost-in-Edhil, etc.) the letters are the first letters of each word in the title (i.e. CG for Caras Galadhon, OIE for Ost-in-Edhil). For the gamemode the letters are: Team Slayer - TS, Free-for-All - FFA, Team Deathmatch - TDM, Infected - IN, One in the Quiver - OITQ (except Breredon-Haysend, which is OITC - derp), Ringbearer - RB, Team Conquest - TC.
    So, for example, Rivendell - Team Slayer would be RI-TS, Hobbiton - Team Deathmatch would be HO-TDM, and Minas Tirith - Team Slayer would be MT-TS.
  3. I think this is all of them:
    • Breredon-Haysend (TS, FFA, TDM, IN, OITC)
    • Weathertop (TS, FFA, TDM, OITQ, RB)
    • Ost-in-Edhil (TS, FFA, TDM, IN, OITQ, TC)
    • Helms Deep (TS, TC) - Wall blowing only works on TS
    • Fornost - City (TS, FFA, TDM, IN, OITQ) - Haven't gotten the other 2 maps added
    • Hobbiton (TS, FFA, TDM, IN, OITQ)
    • Rivendell (TS, TDM, IN, OITQ)
    • Minas Tirith (TS)
    • Caras Galadhon (TS, FFA, TC)
    • Edoras (TS, FFA, TDM, IN, OITQ)
    • Rohan Village 1 (TS, FFA, IN)
  4. Set the game parameters, which are as follows (these arecaps sensitive):
    • Team Slayer: End kill goal. Set using /scoreboard players set End kills #
    • Free-for-All: Time in minutes. Set using /scoreboard players set Time Kills #
    • Team Deathmatch: No parameters needed
    • Infected: Time in minutes. Set using /scoreboard players set Time players #
    • One in the Quiver: No parameters needed
    • Ringbearer: No parameters needed
    • Team Conquest: No parameters needed
  5. Once everyone has joined (using /pvp leave then /pvp join <staff name> - their names should be green on the tablist), do "/pvp game start" to start the game.
  6. Play the game:D
  7. Once you are done with all the games you want to run, do /locker lock. This will kick every non-staff from the server and lock it.


Legend: PvP Administrator, PvP Manager, Everyone
  • /pvp
    Brings you from another server to the pvp server.
  • /pvp game quickstart <map-name> <game-parameters> [test]
    Creates and queues a new pvp game. For Information about <map-name> <game-parameter> see the guide above. Optional argument test pevents sending a broadcast message to announce the game.
  • /pvp game start | end | getgames
    Starts a previously queued game, ends a queued or running game or gets a list of queued and running games.
  • /pvp join
    Joins a queued or running pvp game.
  • /pvp kick <player>
    Kicks a player from a queued or running pvp game and teleports him to the main world server.
  • /pvp rules <gamemode>
    Displays pvp rules.
  • /pvp pipe
    Gives you a pipe. Why? No idea.
  • /pvp stats [clear]
    Displays pvp statistics or resets pvp statistics
  • /pvp removegame <map-name>
    Permanently removes a map.
  • /pvp togglevoxel
    Enables or disables VoxelSniper plugin
  • /pvp lobby
  • /pvp map <map-name> <subcommand>
  • /locker lock | kickall
    Argument lock locks or unlocks the pvp server which means other players can do /pvp to get on the server.
    Argument kickall connects all players without PvP Manger permission to mainworld server.
  • /l
    You can use local chat at the pvp server, it's range is 20 blocks
  • /g
    Global chat has pvp prefixes and is not linked to other servers
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