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    Minecraft Middle Earth is a Minecraft community that recreates the world described by JRR Tolkien and his writings. Everyone can participate in organized events in which we collaborate to create major landmarks, terrain, caves, castles, towns, farms and more.

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    Joining the server can be done straight away, but you will have to pass the New Player Quiz. Use the The New Player Guide to get acquainted with our community.

    IP: build.mcmiddleearth.com

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Simple Voxel Guide (WIP)

These commands are only usable by designers or those who own the voxel badge.

  • /b <number>
    This command changes the brush size,the variable <number> is the radius of your brush.​
  • /b <brush type> (p <performertype>)
    This command is the one you will mainly use, <brush type> selects which brush you use and <performertype> sets a specific performer, more information on performer's down below.
  • /b <brush type> smooth
    This toggles if your brush is "smooth" this means that it switches between no one block extrusions.
  • /u (<number>)
    This command undo's the last action done, it has a max limit of 20 actions. The variable <number> specifies how many steps are undone.

  • ball/b
    This is one of the most basic brushes, it is a sphere.​
  • blendball/bb
    This brush will smooth terrain in a sphere radius, although it seems a great brush it can be easily overused.
  • blenddisc/bd
    This brush will smooth terrain in a flat horizontal disc.
  • biome/bio
  • blob
    This brush will mix blocks in a blob like fasion, this means clusters of material.
  • blockresetbrush/brb
  • blockresetbrushsurface/brbs
  • blendvoxel/bv
    This brush is similar to blendball, however it blends in a cube shape.
  • blendvoxeldisk/bvd
    This brush is similar to the blendball brush, however it blends in a flat square.
  • cylinder/c
    Thisbrush is similar to the ball brush, however it places a cylinder.
  • canyon/ca
  • canyonselection/cas
  • checkervoxeldisc/cvd
  • cleansnow/cls/com/comet
  • clonestamp/cs
  • copypasta/cp
  • disc/d
  • discface/df
  • domebrush/dome
  • drain
  • ellipse/el
  • ellipsoid
  • entity/en
  • entityremoval/er
  • eraser/erase
  • filldown/fd
  • flatocean/fo
  • generatechunk/gc
  • generatetree/gt
  • heatray/hr
  • jagged
  • jockey
  • light
  • lighting
  • line
  • move/mv
  • ocean
  • overlay/over
  • painting/paint
  • pull
  • punish
  • ring/ri
  • rotation2d/rot2
  • rotation2dverical/rot2v
  • rotation3d/rot3
  • ruler
  • scanner/sc
  • shellball/shb
  • shellset/shs
  • shellvoxel/shv
  • signoverwriter/sio
  • snipe/s
  • splatterball/sb
  • splatterblob
  • splatterdisc/sd
  • splatteroverlay/sover
  • splatttervoxel/sv
  • splattervoxeldisc/svd
  • spline
  • underlay/under
  • voltmeter/volt
  • voxel/v
  • voxeldisc/vd
  • voxeldiscface/vdf
  • warp
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