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21st hall planning/discussion


21st hall planning proposal

As all of you know, the 21st hall has been empty ever since the great copy and paste, however this is not the finished state of it, that is something that I would like to change. Thus in this post I will lay out my plans for the 21st hall, and open the discussion on how to finish the 21st hall. The picture below is a one to thirtyish plan of the 21st hall, in which each intersection of the lines marks the location of a pillar, further details can be read below the picture.

21st plan.PNG

First of all there is the red and yellow pixels along the edge of the hall, the red pixels are the exit and entrance used by the fellowship's path and the yellow pixels are miscellaneous exits, do note that there is one inside the cyan area as well, which is the staircase down. Next is the dark red line, that is the path the fellowship takes through 21st hall, on it lies a blueish pixel, which is the chamber of mazarbul, aka Balin's Tomb. Next is the brown line, which connects to the fellowship's path, this is the Balrog's path through the 21st hall.

Now for the actual plan, as you can see it is divided into 5 areas, the bottom green, the central cyan, the left pink, the top blue and the right purple, each will have a specific purpose, with additional purposes, I will go through each area in the way I listed them before.

The bottom green area
This area is the main trading and crafting area of the 21st hall, it connects mainly to dwelling and dwelling support halls, however is located closely to exits that lead to the other layers in Moria. The area will be split into two main areas, the lightly infested and heavily infested area. Furthermore there will also be a split per trade in the hall, which will be planned later. The heavily infested area is the light green, and will contain more open workshops, in the style of Jona's trade hall near the west gate. The lightly infested hall will contain more built workshops, of which there is no style yet at the moment.

The central cyan area
This area will contain military, as it is the main defence post of the stairs leading up into the 21st hall. It is one of three main entrances into the 21st hall and thus will have a gate and a garrison along the side, furthermore I planned a barracks with defences leading into a school for the military.

The left pink area
This area is mainly residential, yet also will have some religious buildings, as the connections lead to a graveyard and memorial halls. The purple area is the religious area, which will have statues and buildings with a height half of the hall. The pink areas will contain appartement buildings, which will go all the way to the roof and will be modular in nature, as to make building them as easy as possible. (an example of this is the trade hall underneath 21st hall).

The top blue area
This area is mainly academic with residential mixed in. The structure I propose is a large academic building with two residential buildings along the side. As for style I propose that the buildings go up to the roof, and have underpassages to inner squares.

The right purple area
This area will be focussed on religion. The plan I propose is to have three similarly shaped temples honouring each of the three clans of dwarves. One for the Longbeards, one for the Firebeards and one for the broadbeams.

The remaining area will be left empty for movie accuracy.

Lastly I would like to direct you to the warp 21stplanning, which contains two proposals for planning, the western one being what I am proposing in here. I hope that you consider this plan and will come with good ideas and that we can build the best 21st hall together!
I feel like it would make sense for there to be some more recent ruins from the recent expedition Balin lead into Moria, especially near the Chamber of Mazarbul.
Yes, however the issue that this creates is that in the movies all direct areas around the exit, entrance and chamber of mazarbul are empty, and that is what we have to follow @Monster_Duck
@NicTheFifth my main concern is that the 21st hall will be too cluttered to be recognizable as the endless hall from the movie. I actually love how it is right now.
If we're going to add buildings in the grid cells, then at least we have to keep them disconnected, so that explorers can easily navigate from one side to the other. Otherwise they might falsely think they reached the border of the 21st hall.