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Cancelled BananaDaGuerra's application


Starting Adventurer
  • Date: 12 September 2019
  • Jobs and Plotbuilds: Road

    Fishsomething (sorry).png

    River side with Oberanio
    Oberanio (2).png
    Oberanio (1).png
  • Themed-builds:
    Ship: 855,5,41160
    I tried to build an elvish ship thinking about grey havens.
    Elf ship (2).png
    Elf ship (1).png

    Elf ship (3).png
    Elf ship (5).png

    Elf ship (6).png
    Elf ship (7).png

    Elf ship (8).png
    Elf ship (4).png
  • Additional Builds:
    I have been playing minecraft since 2010, most of the time in a single player creative world.
    Here's a Link of some random build I did alone, I never had feedbacks so they are pretty basic but a lot of grinding involved.
  • Your interests:
    I really love medieval style, I roleplayed an elf for years so I like elvish buildings but I also like big castles and fortress. I'm not so good at interiors because I never played with data packs so I had little blocks to work with.
    I've seen LOTR movies 7/8 times, red Lotr, the hobbit and silmarillion, a lot of gdr on Ultima online.
  • Your motivation:
    Playing minecraft really relax me, I've been building random things alone for years and when I found this server I immediately thought that this was the place for me, I love all of your buildings, and I want to help you and be a part of a big project.


Experienced Member
I think that with that lake town theme, the rooves are way too simple and boring. I liked the interior, but there are a lot of things on the outside to fix. I'm excited to see your progress! Keep it up!


Staff member
Hello Mr Banana are you free anytime this weekend to discuss you current build, i have several points that you can work and improve on. But your current builds show a good start for us to work on and improve.


Starting Adventurer
Sorry if I didn't answer you but last week I've start working and didn't check the PC! I will be free this weekend if you want