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Colophonia's Tour Badge Application


Dirt Conaisseur
Hello Everyone,

after having spent quite some time on the server and already having had the minigames badge for a good part of it, i now would like to also apply for the tour badge as to be able to run more events for players on the server.
  • When did you join?
    • May 4, 2019
  • What is your current rank?
    • Commoner
  • Do you regularly use our voice communication?
    • yes
  • What do you think you can do to make a good tour?
    • A good tour is both entertaining and informative, it should include both Tolkien and server lore, and ideally has an interesting overarching theme. Also, an interesting mix of both well known and more unknown locations is important, so people can learn things about locations they might already know about, and also find out about new places.
  • Why would you like this badge?
    • I would like to make the server a more engaging place, especially for new people. With the tour badge i will be able to provide events other than minigames to new and old players, and inform them about interesting facts around Tolkien's world and our recreation of it.