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Dol Amroth - History and Heirarchy


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Dol Amroth is one of the latest major builds on MCME so I thought it would be interesting to summarize its history and lore.


The First Age -
Sindar Elves of Telerian descent, also known as the Grey Elves, first settled about 50 miles due north in Edhellond, a small fortified harbour. The elves arrived here as refugees from Beleriand (The Bay of Balard.)

The Second Age -

A Numenorian family that remained faithful to the will of the Valar ventured into this region and through their ties and kinship to Elendil, great king of Gondor, were given lordship of this land under allegiance to the kingdom of Gondor. By the late second age Dol Amroth had been settled by the men of Gondor.

The Third Age -
At the start of the third age, the Sindar inhabitants of Edhellond prepared for their final voyage west to Valinor. The name Dol Amroth was given to the city after the Lothlorian king Amroth who drowned in spite of his love for Middle-Earth as the final ship from Edhellond left the harbor. Thus it was named "The Hill (Dol) of Amroth (High climber)." The first prince of Dol Amroth was named Galador, a half-Numenorian and Half-Elf. Galador was the child of Imrazôr (Numenor) and Mithrellas (Silvian Elf). It was through this that the blood of elves entered the line of Dol Amroth princes.

The Fourth Age -
Although not much is known about Dol Amroth during the fourth age, we do know that it continued to prosper with several princes leading it over the first century of the Fourth Age.

Location and Warfare -

  • Dol Amroth is a costal city. Located in the westernmost part of Gondor. Its northern shores defined part of the Cobas Haven, an inlet that opened onto the Bay of Belfalas between Anfalas to the north and the promontory of Dol Amroth to the south. The river Morthond (with the gathered waters of the Ciril and the Ringló) emptied into Cobas Haven from the northeast. The princes established a castle in Dol Amroth, thus making it the chief city in the fief of Belfalas.
  • The Tower of Dol Amroth, Tirith Aear was a significant part of the city. (MCME interpretation and Drawing below)

Warfare -

Dol Amroth was a relatively peaceful location, only faced with with occasional attacks by the Corsairs of Umbar. The Corsairs slayed the fifteenth prince of Dol Amroth in 2746.

The most significant action of war from Dol Amroth was during the War of the Ring when Imrahil, the twenty second prince of Dol Amroth, rode to Minas Tirith with 700 men to defend the city against the armies of Orks and Uruk-Hai.

Princes and Honorable mentions:

The Mark of Dol Amroth -


The names of all the princes of Dol Amroth are not all given to us, but the dates of their birth and death are.

  • Adrahil I, Prince of Belfalas (fl. TA 1944): fought the Wainriders in 1944
  • Imrazôr, Prince of Belfalas (1950 – 2076)
  • Galador, first Prince of Dol Amroth (2004 – 2129)
  • Second Prince (2060 – 2206)
  • Third Prince (2120 – 2254)
  • Fourth Prince (2172 – 2299)
  • Fifth Prince (2225 – 2348)
  • Sixth Prince (2274 – 2400)
  • Seventh Prince (2324 – 2458)
  • Eighth Prince (2373 – 2498)
  • Ninth Prince (2418 – 2540)
  • Tenth Prince (2463 – 2582)
  • Eleventh Prince (2505 – 2623)
  • Twelfth Prince (2546 – 2660)
  • Thirteenth Prince (2588 – 2701)
  • Fourteenth Prince (2627 – 2733)
  • Fifteenth Prince (2671 – 2746: He was slain by Corsairs of Umbar
  • Sixteenth Prince (2709 – TA 2799: Slain in battle.
  • Seventeenth Prince (2746 – 2859)
  • Eighteenth Prince (2785 – 2899)
  • Aglahad, Nineteenth Prince (TA 2827 – 2932)
  • Angelimir, Twentieth Prince (2866 – 2977)
  • Adrahil II, Twenty-first Prince (2917 – 3010)
  • Imrahil, Twenty-second Prince (2955 – Fourth Age 34)
  • Elphir, Twenty-third Prince (2994 – Fourth Age 65).
  • Alphros, Twenty-fourth Prince (3017 – Fourth Age 93).
Honorable Mentions -

  • Gilmith - Sister of Galador, half-elf.
  • Finduilas - This is the most interesting mention to me, Finduilas (Daughter of Adrahil II, prince of Dol Amroth) married Denethor II, the 26th Steward of Gondor. Together they bore their children Boromir and Faramir. Therefore (this is my personal evaluation and does not derive from any lore) I believe that Boromir and Faramir also have elvish and numenorian blood in their veins. So, if they had survived the War of the Ring they may have lived long lives or been granted passage into Valinor with the elves one day. (Are children of an elf and a men always mortal?)

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Half-elven is a special term dedicated to the descendands of Earendil whom were given the choice between life bound forever to Arda or the Gift of Men, to be free of these bounds. These choice was exclusively give to the descendants of Earendil. All other descendands of a man and an elf were mortal man not matter how much elvish blood they inherited. -> Are children of an elf and a man always mortal?