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erik252525 Artist Application


Aspiring Member
  • Date:​
Oct 31. 2019
  • Jobs and Plotbuilds:
mershy trial with barteldvn (just 15 min.)
Durins Crossroads Plotbuild Screenshots
osgowalls4 with barteldevn
Sadly, there weren't many jobs when I was online
  • Themed-builds:
Windmill (-44, 5, 44333) Screenshots
Rohan Village
(-450, 9, 44669) (mostly exterior) Screenshots
Chamber of Thror
(-602, 40, 44863) Screenshots
  • Additional Builds:
    • Freebuild
erikErebor (-1388, 205, -6423) (cancelled) Screenshots
  • Your interests:
I really like the dwarven style because it is very impressive to see those large halls with still much of details.
  • Your motivation:
I was always fascinated of the world Tolkien created in his mind. And I like Minecraft because you can do nearly everything with it. So to try to rebuild this whole world in MC with such a friendly community is the best I could hope for.

Edit: Sorry for all writing mistakes I have do and wil done. Thank you for your understanding :)
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Head Builder
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Hey @erik252525 Thank you for applying for Artist!

It's up to you to keep updating this application. I will check in from time to time and give feedback when I think it's needed. This thread might help you as well.

Good luck!