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Going Away Thread


Experienced Member
Bringing this back so people can inform the community of any prolonged absence.

Follow this format:
Date Leaving:
Length of Absence
(or date you'll be back):
Reason or comments (totally optional):

I'll kick it off.

Date Leaving: Monday, Mar 3
Length of Absence (or date you'll be back): Saturday, Mar 8
Reason or comments (totally optional): Trip to see family in Seattle. Will have internet, probably check forums, but am not sure about my ability to get on build, ts, etc...


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
Date Leaving: Monday, Mar 10
Length of Absence: 21 weeks or until July 31
Reason or comments no panic, I won't be away completely, but probably only being able to join at weekends. Reason is the half a year long military service every man has to do in Switzerland, luckily I am one of the very few who is capable of doing it as military musician which is compared to other stuff a way more comfy story :)


Experienced Member
Date Leaving: Tuesday, Mar 4
Length of Absence (or date you'll be back): April 2
Reason or comments (totally optional): Gonna check out ze real middle-earth. Renting a car, driving through the westfold, visiting friends in Sydney.
Have fun guys (and gals)


Experienced Member
Date Leaving: Saturday, March 8
Length of Absence : Monday, March 10
Reason or comments : Week-end in Milan !


Experienced Member
Date Leaving: 15th of April
Length of Absence : 3 weeks, I'll be back on 6th of May
Reason or comments : My school is organizing a trip to Oregon. I'll spend 3 weeks in a hosting family to practice english and discover USA. I certainly wouldn't be able to play but I think I'll be able to be on the forum.


Experienced Member
Date Leaving: April 14
Length of Absence (or date you'll be back): April 22 or so
Reason or comments (totally optional): Not really going away, just going to be an extremely busy week at work and probably won't be on much if at all....


Hardcore MCME-er
Date leaving: 15/04/14 - 6PM UTC
Return date: 17/04/14 - Afternoon/Evening sorta time UTC
Reason: Visiting Oxford University on the Wednesday and then my dads workplace on the Thursday, may have internet but not sure.


Builds diagonally
Date Leaving: April 17th
Length of Absence: April 20th
Reason or comments: Taking a short vacation.


Staff member
Date Leaving: May 1
Length of Absence (or date you'll be back): May 4
Reason or comments (totally optional): Trip with my family. Mobile web with limited data transfer, so I will only check forums, no building.


Dirt Conaisseur
Date Leaving: Not leaving, but low activity week
Length of Absence this week
Reason or comments : Lots of irl stuff and exams


Hardcore MCME-er
Date leaving : Today Date of return : 12th June. Reasons : Not explicitely leaving, just am going to be extremely inactive during this time due to exams. Will be on occasionally.