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In memory of DynoDaring

This is Dyno's Wife! Your comments are so true of my husband! His Heart was a big or bigger the all Middle Earth! Love you all Bonnie
Also i made this Capturing his large heart the person jumping is dyno


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It's with a heavy heart that I mourn the loss of a truly exceptional friend in our community.

Dyno was a beautiful soul who embodied genuine kindness and friendliness. His impeccable manners inspired us, setting a standard we couldn't help but strive for.

In many ways, Dyno was like a father figure to the server, showing compassion and kindness to everyone he encountered. Every time you logged on, he was there to warmly greet you and inquire about your day, finding joy in the simple pleasures of our server's world.

Dyno's departure leaves an irreplaceable void, but I wouldn't have it any other way. The gap he leaves behind serves as a testament to the love and respect we held for him.

I remember during one of my resignations, Dyno assured me that there would always be a place for me here, and he made me feel like a valued member of our 'little world'. Little did he know that he was the one truly cherished by us all.

Mr. Daring, you will be deeply missed, but your memory will forever live on in our hearts. May your journey continue in peace, and may we carry forward your lessons of kindness and compassion.

Farewell, dear friend.
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Honestly, this news hit me like a truck, and my condolences to his family at this time.

Although I missed a significant amount of time on the server, the time I was on the server with him was some of my fondest childhood/teenage memories. I met Dyno the very first day he joined the server, and he was always the most polite and, helpful, genuine person when interacting with him.

Five days after he joined the server, I was made guide, and part of the reason was the tours I was given before getting the rank. One of these tours was for when Dyno joined, and I did a tour for him and others who joined along. During it, he listened to everything I had to say (even if, looking back, I was probably wrong on plenty), and I could tell his kind soul from the very beginning.

I remember when the guides discussed potential new people, and Dyno had zero objections when he was brought up; that's the type of impact he had.

Finally and most memorably, when I haven't always been the most sensible behaviour-wise and wasn't allowed on the server, I would occasionally log onto the server on an alternate account to walk around and look at the builds without getting involved. (Sorry, I know, ban evasion etc). Whenever I logged on, I never really talked aside from if I was greeted directly to avoid trouble. The only time this changed was when I logged on, and there were no moderators on that I could see... but then I received a DM from Dyno, who must have been invisibly logged on at the time with just the message "Atlan?". Obviously, I thought my cover was blown, and I wouldn't be allowed to come on and look at the builds anymore, and I didn't try to deny it; I just replied, greeting him and saying I hoped he was well, bracing myself for the banhammer to drop. However, his kindness immediately came through, and he said that he'd let me stay on the server to visit, even though he had no obligation to do so at all.

Although I only got to spend about eight months on the server with him back in 2012, he made a lasting impact, and I know that everyone who met him likely felt the same.

"End? No, the journey doesn't end here. Death is just another path, one that we all must take. The grey rain-curtain of this world rolls back, and all turns to silver glass, and then you see it.

White shores, and beyond, a far green country under a swift sunrise."

Rest peacefully on those white shores, Dyno, and wait for us to catch up to you.
It makes me sad to hear about this news. Bonnie, I wish you all the strenght during this time.
I might not have spend most time with the community and Dyno lately, but I wish good and warm memories of Dyno to everyone.. He was always so welcoming once I connected again, makes me felt like I never left. A true gent. He will be missed.
Even though I rarely was online at the same time as him, it was impossible not to feel the great influence Dyno had on our server. I'm not that good when it comes to words so I dont really know how to describe the moment when I saw creedoos message in chat. It felt like reading the Appendix A of the Lord of the Rings, where Aragorn dies. For that is what Dyno felt like for me: He felt like Aragorn.
This lonely strider you sometimes met on the road through the vast worlds of MCME, wandering but not lost. This mighty power of a valar, but also gentle and kind. When trollers where spamming in chat he kept his cool and found a friendly reply. Back when i was still an adventurer with a playtime meassured in minutes he already said "hello" to me when i joined or helped me out with the stupidest mistakes of mine. I dont know anyone, that didnt love him for his kindness. If q220 and the other valar are the brain of the community, dyno was our heart and our hidden king.

Mourne people of MCME, for a great warrior has fallen. Or as Gandalf wouldve said: "You may cry, for not all tears are of evil." And I'm actually crying right now
I don't really quite grasp the meaning of what happened last week. I have been pondering on what I felt, because this is indeed new to me ... I sure did feel something reading the news of his passing, although I probably barely knew him. I know for sure he was - oh god, must it feel weird to use past tense - he was as friendly as you could get ... and now I am crying while writing this.
He had always been there, and I thought he would still be with us for some more - lovely - time. Now that I reflect about it, I think I saw him as ageless. He told me he was 54 when I joined, and even today I thought he was 54. Alas ... ageless goes so far.
Dyno, your star has left middle earth for the distant shores of Valinor, where your ship awaits you. May you travel without harm to whatever lies beyond the curtains of this world. You will miss us all, and will not be forgotten.
Hi. I know it has been quite a few weeks, but I’ve finally found some time to collect my thoughts, and I’d like to share.

Now I won't claim to know Dyno as well as some. I never had many extensive conversations, let alone the occasional vc. But I will claim to have known Dyno longer than most — barring a few of the venerable old names who have been resurrected to post in this thread, a welcome presence though I might wish for less tragic circumstances under which to recall them. Dyno joined a couple months after me in 2012. Like others have said, he immediately cemented himself as a friendly and kind cornerstone on the server, and in my memory.

May I be a blunt, possibly a little insensitive? I was honestly surprised to feel as much pain and grief as I did when I first read the announcement of Dyno's passing. I mean after all, this is someone I have never met. I do not know his name, but only a screen name; I do not know his face, which has been replaced by Chris Hemsworth; I know precious little about his life besides a shared passion for Tolkien. So I paused to think about why I felt so sad.

I look back at our two histories on the server: periods of waxing and waning activity, my arc of meaningful contributions, his arc of much more meaningful contributions. Dyno was always there. He always someone to say hello to, or reminisce with about old times, or even once in a while gently rib each other (me calling him a nickname some droog wrote as a mistake, him reminding me that I joined the server younger than the rules allowed). His presence helped me anchor myself to my past on the server and look at my trajectory.

So this is what I arrived on; this is what I feel like I have lost when we lost Dyno. We pride ourselves here on our friendly community. And sure, in 2012 when I joined, I had server friends. In 2015 when I was artist, I had different server friends. In 2023, when I am resident boomer (at least for American hours), I have still different server friends, for the rest had left. But for me, it is those rare few like Dyno who really make this community. Someone who, through their persistent presence, comes to almost represent the vision of the server more than the day-to-day activities. Someone who I am happy to see and who is happy to see me. Not just a friendly face, but a familiar face, who has been there through good times and bad and lived to tell the tale as it fades into memory. And that, that is what makes MCME feel like home.
But for me, it is those rare few like Dyno who really make this community. Someone who, through their persistent presence, comes to almost represent the vision of the server more than the day-to-day activities. Someone who I am happy to see and who is happy to see me. Not just a friendly face, but a familiar face, who has been there through good times and bad and lived to tell the tale as it fades into memory. And that, that is what makes MCME feel like home.
Yes that captivates how I feel about it. We all have very big shoes to fill the gap Dyno left behind.