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Accepted Joske50's Foreman Application


Minecraft Username : Joske50
Date Joined : Jan 30, 2022
Country: Belgium

Are you regularly logged on our voice communication?

Do you actively speak on our voice communication?

Do you have any particular skills?
I'm comfortable talking to people in discord and I think I know how to give someone a bit of advice when it comes to building on MCME. Although I'm quite slow at building, I feel like I can sometimes come up with something new that doesn't look half bad and I try to adjust my builds to the feedback I get. I'm afraid that's it for particular skills unless me cooking a decent spaghetti is relevant here :p.

Why are you applying for this rank?
The past month I gave out a few plots in the East Gate area and I feel like they went pretty well. I ran one job with Badger's help to get a feeling of what it takes to lead one and I really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to doing more of this because I feel it's a great way to involve the community and getting some progress on the map at the same time.

Some screenshots or pictures of your build attached:

Update 1

I've done a few jobs so far:

- dcwalls - revamping dc wall gradient with Wyatt

- auwmix2 - Blockmixing the beaches and cliffs
- aumix3 - Colouring the slabs on the cliffs and more blockmixing
- aumix4 - Blockmixing in one of the villages
- Westgatelake - Blockmixing the lake and rocks/cliffs

I gave out a few pillar ruining plots in East Gate and a bigger plot on the West Gate lake for rock/cliff colouring and detailing.

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