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Accepted Mershy_ Artist Application


July 2019 (Started being active October 2019)

Jobs and Plotbuilds:
Osgiliath Vegetation with Ooitsbirdo
Cave Smoothing with LeBlancGandalf
Cave Smoothing #2 with LeBlancGandalf
Path Building with LeBlancGandalf
Cave Smoothing #3 with NicovicTheSixth
Stalagmites with LeBlancGandalf
Osgiliath Ceilings with Barteldvn
Osgiliath Spring Clean with Barteldvn

Dol Guldur (2579, 5, 41816), References, Designing, Building, Final Pictures
Lond Daer Concept (117, 5, 42295), References, Designing, Building

Additional Builds:
Dol Caranthan Style #1
Dol Caranthan Style #2
Osgiliath Plotbuild for FoolhardyFish
Dol Caranthan Style #3
Dwarven Meeting Hall (6556,5,-32, FREEBUILD) References, Designing, Building, Final Pictures,
Column Design
Moria Designs #1
Moria Designs #2
Moria House Plotbuild for NicovicTheSixth
Anorien Farming Settlement (6423,5,-104, FREEBUILD) References, Building, Final Pictures (BIG ALBUM)

Your interests:

I am a bit of an Architecture and History nerd. I enjoy Architectural elements including researching, planning and designing. I love learning and researching about different Historical topics as my bookshelf gets heavier. I have grown up watching LOTR originally having them on DVD and remember playing Battle for Middle Earth on my friend's computer. I am always open to feedback as well as criticism. Additionally, I am excited to explore some of the different styles of Middle Earth architecture alongside helping out where I can.

Your motivation:

My initial reactions to entering the server were overwhelming. I didn't realise the scale until I started to explore and view the map. A massive pat on the back to everyone that has worked on this project so far. That's what makes me smile. Since being on the server for a little while now I love seeing new people log on for the first time and be in awe of what had been built because I had that same experience. From that point, I have been glued to the server and thoroughly enjoy building and interacting with players. I am excited to see future developments.​
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Head Builder
Media Team
Hey Mershy_

I really like your ruins, but I miss some non ruined stuff. I'd suggest trying some Dol Caranthan styled houses, maybe some Moria designs. Just some solid buildings that show your skill in building normal structures.

About Lond Daer:
- Nice job on the current vegetation, but I'd go even more crazy, Lond Daer should be way more ruined than Osgiliath.
- Remove random slabs in the ground, they'd be covered up by soil. (You can keep the bigger holes though)
- Make sure to always put flowers in small groups, rather than having individual ones
- Maybe add mycelium to your ground mix, it's nice for transitions from grass to dirt.
- Use the mud cover!
- Adding some trees would help a lot, but you might not be going for that. If you're not try to add a lot more grass/shrubs/bushes to cover up almost every non stone block.

Your application is quite impressive so far, good luck!


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Hey @Mershy_
Still going strong! :) Here's some more input:

Dol Caranthan Styled houses:

- Try making your pillars align more. Like on your 3th house, the pillar just misses the cross section of 2 of your main beams, it should be right under them to be able to fully support them.
- Don't add beams that are 10+ blocks long Your beams should always go parallel with the shortest wall of your room, eg many short beams instead of a couple of long ones.
- Try adding in more rooms. You should divide every floor up into rooms, you made rather large houses, so a lot of rooms could be made. (If possible try to align your walls as well (a wall on the top floor needs support below it, so adding in a wall in the same place on the floor below is ideal.

Osgiliath plotbuild:

- Overall looks well done only addition I'd make is adding in some reeds along the water side and a clump of flowers somewhere in your house.

For some general tips you also might find useful I'd suggest taking a look at this document, if you haven't already. Artist applicants guide

Nice job on updating your application. Keep on building! ;)