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Canceled MessoMC


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  • Date
I originally joined the server in January 2015, however I couldnt play because my laptop couldnt handle the server and I kept crashing. I returned to the server halfway through 2017 and explored around the server, mostly Rivendell and Silverbay, then I took a break from Minecraft. I Then recent joined the server in December of last year, and have been playing quite consistently since then.
  • Jobs and Themed Builds
I have participated in three theme builds, the Elvish House, The Gondor Farm House, and now the Anorien house. Sadly since December I haven't been on whilst Jobs were running, due to time zones being so far apart. I have checked for jobs everytime I have been on the server, as I am eager to complete one, sadly there has been none.

  • My interests:
I mostly like building more human structures, whether it be houses, town halls, or courthouses. What I like building the most is a section of a town, usually 5 or so houses. When I mean a section of a town, what I mean is a street, or a quarter so that I can design the houses to give a certain Atmosphere or interest. I also like building 'life spots', places where I can make it give the effect that the build is built within a living, breathing society. Examples of Life Spots include a broken down cart. or even a street performer. Finally I do like building rivers and waterways, I feel like water incorporated within a build gives a certain vibe, in which other terrain can't.
  • My motivation:
I choose to build on this server because of three things, the community, the world. and my desire to be apart of something bigger.
The community that has been created by MCME is simply astonishing, every time I return to the server i feel like I've never left, everyone is so friendly.
Secondly, I love the LOTR, and seeing how the server is recreating it is amazing. I have always wanted to build larger scale projects, but never could because of my lack of time and resources (Bad laptop and all).
Lastly, I want to be apart of something bigger than myself. I hope to see a finished build, and sit back and say "yeah i helped with that". That is one of my main goals and I would feel a sense of accomplishment if i were able to do so.



Head Developer
Staff member
Head Developer
Thank you for your application MessoMC!
I must say I'm impressed. Very nice application (Though I dislike diagonal houses very much, but @BWOT will love them).
If you have problems to participate in jobs because of time zones you should ask Foremen and Designers if they can give you a plotbuild plot. That's pretty similar to jobs but you can work in such a plot at all times.

Good Luck


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Messosc, can you contact me on discord so we can start a group convo about your application. Make sure to add me as friend!


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Official Update on Status
**Application Canceled**
This application has been canceled for being too inactive. Contact me on discord or forums, to re-open it!