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My Resignation


Experienced Member
Howdy everybody, this is probably kinda expected for a lot of you but I've decided that I am going to resign from the rank of guide. For a while now I haven't really been able or willing (to an extent) to dedicate time to the rank and despite being given several chances I just don't see myself coming back around anytime soon. For this reason I have decided that it's really pointless for me to continue being guide since I'm not dedicating almost any time to it. Real life relationships and school are demanding more and more attention and I just haven't been putting enough effort in to fit the server along with those. I'll still be around on the server from time to time, but without the familiar teal color. No hard feelings from me though, I fully enjoyed my time as a guide - but it's about time for that to be over. Special thanks to all the guides but especially Matt and Soarz for being the best of friends during my stay. See you all later!