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New Heads

A new Head Moderator
A new Head Guide

I'm very happy to announce that I can finally hand over my responsibilites as Head Guide. I never intended to be Head Guide for that long. I took over in spring and did my best to improve the situation of the guides. To be honest I don't believe I did too well, but with a lot of help from the guides and especially @Arkengard and @Raffyyy we made some great progress. A huge ‘Thag You Very Buch’ to them!
We decided among the Valar team to give the responsibilites of the Head Guide to @Raffyyy! While I was mostly busy with the Helms Deep Battle he did a great job during the past months with event planning and organizing the guides. I'm very confident he'll continue his great work as Head Guide.

Congrats Raffy and good luck!!!
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About a year ago I took over the responsibility's of Head Enforcer when Dynodaring stepped down. In this time quite a few things changed. There have been some changes in the way we are enforcing and applying the rules. The rank of enforcer got turned into a badge. It is always hard to know how things turn out if you set out to change something, but from what I can tell the new moderation badge is working as we intended.
So while I am pleased with that there is still quite some work to do. But similar to Eriol I never intended to be Head Moderator for a long time. I tried my best to lay the ground work for a change of the moderation system. But now that I feel the groundwork is mostly done and the badge is running as intended its time to hand the torch to someone else. Someone who has been particularly helpful during these difficult changes and a great help overall. @Smaug_Niphredil this has been long overdue. You deserve this praise and more. I hope you find joy in the responsibility of Head Moderator. I think you are well equipped to handle them and I have complete faith you will do well. You wont be out there alone there is a good moderation team backing you up and I will be there in the background to.

Congrats Smaug well deserved and the best of luck!