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Accepted Phoenix108's Foreman Application

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Minecraft Username: Phoenix108

Date Joined: 5th March 2017

Country: UK

Are you regularly logged on our voice communication?


Do you actively speak on our voice communication?


Do you have any particular skills?

I am able to develop new styles and replicate existing ones, which allows me to bring new ideas to projects and adapt to different design concepts. I am also skilled in planning, research, and problem solving, enabling me to effectively organize and execute projects from start to finish. Additionally, I am skilled at building realistically and I am able to create builds that are visually appealing and accurate to their real-life counterparts. I am also comfortable giving and receiving feedback and constructive criticism.

Why are you applying for this rank?

I am applying for the Foreman rank because I want to take on additional responsibility and be able to contribute more to the server. I enjoyed helping Ayla with various jobs on the Gladden Fields marsh and would like to continue to become more involved with the MCME community. I would like to be able to run jobs so that I can give players an opportunity to work on the projects that I am involved with.

Some screenshots or pictures of your builds attached:

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