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Reason for my inactivity.


Dear MCME,

I want to clarify why I haven't been active for quite some time now. I am writing this post because I have the feeling that it isn't clear to most of you yet. (I don't know if this is the right section to post this, but yeah...)
During the summer break I was very active in the first month (July). This is also the month when I got the rank of Foreman. I had a lot of time, school wasn't getting in my way and I ran a job almost every day.
In the month of august I went on vacation, this is why I was absent most of the time. Besides that I started this small survival server with friends and I played on there aswell. My attention was diveded, it was vacation after all.
I really love this community and everyone who is part of it. The support is amazing and I love how we support each other so we want to keep on building.

I thought that after the summer break I was able to build again, but then I had to create a play at school. (I study performance arts). I had 2 weeks to do this. that is an extremely short amount of time! So all my attention was going into that project. I sometimes try to get back online when I have the chance, but everytime I join the server I feel like something is changed. Instead of the support I had to get back to building, I only get reponds like: "Oh, a wild stranger appeared." or "Oh no, he is back again." Things that, to me, don't feel welcomming at all.
Since I have missed almost 2 months of playtime, I feel like lacking behind... I don't really know what to do anymore, or what jobs I can run. I try to get a job, but when I ask people what to do, they answer with "Idk, run a job?" and I am like "Yeah, but where? What? Show me what to do!", but they don't know.
This is why I did join the Helm's Deep battles. I knew what to expect from them, I knew what to do and I knew how long it would take and when it would be, so I was able to plan ahead.

School is keeping me very busy. It is true, but I still want to help out the server. I do come online when I have time, but I don't feel like people understand that.
This is why I have a suggestion. Could I maybe work on something far away from what we are building right now? My own project, so that I don't need other people to tell me what to do when, because that will only cause confusion and delays. No-one is really dependent on me and I still have the feeling I can help you guys out. I will hop on when I have the chance and make sure it gets finished.

I hope you all understand the situation, I am sorry if you start feeling like I am letting you down. I am trying my best.

Best regards,



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You should have pmd me when you were out of work :D. But I also have to apologize as I told you I was going to talk to you about that one project after the staff meeting and totally forgot. Real-life business is totally understandable no need to apologize for that. Let's see what we can do ;).