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Rwyland Artist Application


Yellow Flower Puncher
  • Date: May 18, 2013

  • Jobs and Plotbuilds:
    Riverbed work at Andrast supervisor Mattlego. Andrast
    I have done a ton of jobs over the many years on here but since everything has been revamped or is being revamped I am only going to post things since I have returned.

  • Builds:
    Manor House
    - Entrance , Well , Front View 1 , Front View 2 , Kitchen , Upper Bedroom , Rear View
    Concept structures- Hedgerow , Separating Wall , Support Column , Large Bridge Design
    The Whole Album can be found here
    All of these builds can be found at

  • Your interests: I enjoy the gondorian styles of building as well as the Elvish style. I am good at the Rohirric style as well and am currently trying my hand at the dwarven style. (9690,4,1890) on freebuild.

  • Your motivation: I joined this server to help build. I believe I a very good builder and have been an artist in the past. I think I am up to the challenges of the newer styles of building and want to lend a hand to any and all projects that are in progress.