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T-Rex's Screens


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I could never even get blender to work with mineways and get the resource packs working, everything looked like bookshelves e.t.c
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Can I request a megagigasuperquanta render of Anfalas, showing its enormousness and the amount of work we put into non mentioned farming villages? Like a half dynamap/half panorama photo?


And what if you have a 1x1 resolution for the textures? You won't ever notice that from such a distance and it would significantly decrease the crash.
It's not that the problem, example Minas Tirith shot wuth osgo and mordor. I tried to do it at once and it crashed, i tried in half and it crashed i tried to split in 3 and nothing. I needed to took just some small portions and make a "prospectic collage". Anfalas is 15/20 bigger than the small portion if terrain from minas to mordor mountains.