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The Great Timelapse Extravaganza (Dol Amroth) Destroy Day 2018


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The Great Timelapse Extravaganza (Dol Amroth) Destroy Day 2018

30th September Official Start: 16:00 PM GMT

Supervisor: BWOT | Co-Supervisors and Job runners: Foreman and Designer
Greetings males and females, peasants and multi-millionaires to the distinguished destruction day of Dol Amroth! As the name hints, we want to tear the city down, don't worry its just a copy, so we can create a wonderful timelapse of it.


Time and Date: The event will be hosted at 16:00 PM GMT on Sunday evening, until 20:00 PM Sunday night (6 hours in total). The date is the 30th of September, the Sunday of next week of which I am posting this.

Destorying guide: There will be an introduction to it all, however the location of the event is at /warp DA Bomb Day and the guide is at /warp Build Day.

Rules: As we are opening this to the public there are some rules you must follow or you will not be allowed to participate. The first rule is that you must listen to all Staff members and Co-Supervisors of the project. Saying that you should listen to all people artist+ as they are trusted members of the community and most likely know what to do and the way to do it. You need to read and follow all instructions and visit the build guide before building.

That's all the information you'll need, if you have any questions, feel free to ask myself or TotiGonzales.
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