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The MCME screenshot event!

Hey all!

I am happy to announce the official mcme screenshot event!

After a walk through the forest you set your camp up for the night. You try to sleep but hear some branches crack to your left. You jump up and grab your sword. A small hooded figure emerges from the forest. You can see it’s a dwarf with a note. He gives you the note and disappears in the forest without saying a word. You open the letter and it reads:

Dear traveller

As you may know middle earth is a dangerous place where hard roads are the least of your worries. This challenge will push you to go further than the roads that lead from the shire to Gondor. It will challenge you to open your eyes for things you never even noticed and go to places you haven’t seen before.

This is why you will be exploring the world for this challenge. The goal is to make the best screenshot of them all!

Check further down for the rules:

You will have one month (until the 17th of November) to submit your picture(s) from one or more of the next couple of topics:

The first topic will be trees, the second one villages and the third one busy.

The goal is to find a meaning to these words yourself and translate it in your screenshots. Try to stay away from the main landmarks (except when you just know you have a great screenshot then go for it!) It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, everyone can participate!

You can submit max 6 pictures (2 for each topic) here: https://www.mcmiddleearth.com/forums/MCME-Screenshot-Competition-2019/. You can't submit old screenshots.

At the end of the month the best screenshots will be chose and then the community can vote on their favourites.

If you have any more questions just send me a message on discord (RVB_Legend)!

Then there is only one more thing for me to say and that is good luck and let the best screenshotter win!

pelagrir 1.jpg
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