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In Progress XXXTristanation's Artist Application


Starting Adventurer
Date (Joining the server): 03/08/2019

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Shrine Of Worship Project:

My interests: I've been into Tolkien's creation since i was a kid. My demented grandma used to read The Hobbit for me, and I absolutely loved it. I also love creating things in minecraft or in music. Im very happy that i'm in the music team of MCME. Making orchestral music has really improved my producing, and I hope I can make lots more.

My Motivation: In the twelve months I've been on this server, I have been dreaming of becoming an artist. In the beginning it was very hard, because i had a very conservative building style (My Durin's tower). It took me a long time to get to know the MCME building style and the custom inventory. I know my style has changed alot and i'm still improving. I hope one day i'll become an artist!
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it still says im a starting adventurer lol
The ranks on the forums are different to mcme ranks and are based on how many posts you have made. If you want to link your minecraft account to your forums account so you get the commoner role go into main world and type /link forums