• Minecraft Middle Earth is a Minecraft community that recreates the world described by JRR Tolkien and his writings. Everyone can participate in organized events in which we collaborate to create major landmarks, terrain, caves, castles, towns, farms and more.

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  • What follows is a list of commands that the rank can use. Note however that this document may not be up to date at all times.

    /spawn - Teleports to the current world's spawn.
    /mv spawn - Teleports to the current world's spawn.
    /unstuck - Attempts to unstuck you if you are stuck in terrain, using it in canyons doesn't help you.
    /helper dynmap - Gives you a link to the dynamic map of the server where you can see all warp locations.
    /helper textures - Gives you a link to the resource packs used on the server

    In addition, this rank also has access to the Oathbreaker commands.

    General commands:
    /fbt - Gives you fullbright (nightvision).
    /afk or /away - Sets your status as afk or away.
    /pweather <sun, storm, list or clear> - Sets weather just for you.
    /ptime <list, reset, day, night, dawn, time as 17:30 or as 5:30pm or an amount>- Sets the time for you.
    /depth - Gives you the height relative from sealevel.
    /cleaninventory, /cleaninvent, /clean, /clear or /ci <(optional) itemname>- Clears all of your inventory.
    /fly - Switches flight mode.

    Tour commands:
    /tour - Gives you information about tours.
    /tour help - Gives you help for the Tour commands.
    /tour join <tourname> - Makes you join the tour called <tourname>.
    /tour leave - Makes you leave the tour you are in.
    /tour request - Sends an alert that you request for a tour.
    /tourtp or /ttp - Teleports you to the Tour's Guide.
    Teleport commands:
    /tpa <player> - Asks the <player> if you can teleport to them.
    /tpaccept - Accepts the pendng teleport request.
    /tpdeny - Denies the pending teleport request.
    /tpahere <player> - Asks the <player> to teleport him to you.
    /tourtp or /ttp - Teleports you to the Tour's Guide.
    /warp <place name> - Teleports you to the place you typed in.
    /warp list <page number> - Shows you a list of all available warps in your current world, their creator and their coordinates.
    /warp pset or pcreate <place name> - Creates a warp just for you on your current location. The maximum number of personal warps is 30.
    /warp invite <player> <name of personal warp> - Invites a player to your warp.
    /warp list -c <your own name> - Shows all your personal warps.
    /createhome or /sethome - Creates home location.
    /home - Teleports you home.
    /rmhome - Deletes home location.
    /back or /return - Returns you to your last known position, prior to the teleport.

    In addition, this rank also has access to the Adventurer and Oathbreaker commands.

    Tour commands:
    /tour start - Starts a tour.
    /tour stop - Stops the tour.
    /tour list - Shows all users in your tour group.
    /tour hat - Puts the block in your hand on your head to wear as a hat.
    /tourtp <player> - Teleports <player> to you.
    /tourtpa or /ttpa - Teleports all players in the tour to you.