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Recent content by Demonataz

  1. Demonataz

    Teamspeak 3 compared against Discord

    I think this is similar to how skype works where when you press the x to close the program it doesnt fully close. In bottom right the is a ^ symbol to show hidden icons. discord will still show in there once started up. If you right click on it, you can quit discord there. which i believe shuts...
  2. Demonataz

    In Progress Belfalas

    The lighthouse is marked up directly at the warp basin. is pink marker saying 40block high lighthouse.
  3. Demonataz

    In Progress Belfalas

    Just found the wild island south of that looks like the Ibiza of Middle Earth (with beach huts, towels and a cliff side mansion) at warp basin. This doesnt look very practical considering a limited technology (efficiency would suggest not building on the rocky island with limited flat space)...
  4. Demonataz

    Fornost Re-Ruin

    Sorry didn't get a notification of this message. Has now been checked with feedback given. Hopefully fixed the notification thing.
  5. Demonataz

    Fornost Re-Ruin

    Fornost Re-ruin Fornost is one of the oldest (server wise) example of ruining, and with recent cities such as Osgiliath and Annuminas, it is in need of a face lift. This project will be a re ruin of the city, using the existing structures. Project leader: Demonataz Project Staff: Background...
  6. Demonataz

    Finished Aldburg Revamp

    Aldburg is the Capital of the Eastfold, was original city of Eorl the Young and remains a seat of nobleman, which would give reason to have an outer protective palisade to protect the majority of buildings above that of a normal village in middle of the plains.
  7. Demonataz

    Demons Screenshots

    Been taking a few screenshots and thought it was about time i uploaded them.
  8. Demonataz

    Finished Dol Amroth

    Good spot, I've fixed this
  9. Demonataz

    Finished Pelargir - Garth of Royal Ships

    With a Colosseum/ theater building being a community based building would it not be better to place it in a more central location rather than up in a corner.
  10. Demonataz

    Windows 8.1 Minecraft

    Recently got a new computer, but having trouble getting minecraft to work. Looked online and said to update drivers which i have done. Ive still got the problem, wondered if anyone could shed some light on the situation. Launcher starts fine but when i hti play i get he following error message...
  11. Demonataz

    Finished Dol Amroth

    Right now there are no jobs available. there will be a few roads that need doing and maybe another build competition!!!
  12. Demonataz

    Finished Tarnost

    Having seen the walls around the town, they look too big for the village sized place. I understand that the name refers to fortified, but the walls seem a bit excessive. One possibilty would be to have the large wall around the top section protecting the twon hall and military area, with a...
  13. Demonataz

    Finished Dol Amroth

    The freebuild for normal housing is now CLOSED. Poor housing will be started shortly.
  14. Demonataz

    Finished Dol Amroth

    AND IT HAS BEGUN Join now for road jobs, house building, markets and more
  15. Demonataz

    Finished Dol Amroth

    I plan to run jobs all of saturday for Dol amroth, be sure to come help out.