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News and Announcements

~The MCME Times~[02/23/2020]

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Love is in the air!

MCME is the only true love!

Editor's Note by Soarz

It may be passed valentines day but that doesn't mean we can just love something for one day. MCME has a special place in all of our hearts especially those who have been here for a while. We can see all those who have brought us this far, and the things that we have achieved and know that this was not just a solo effort, but of a community and one that has one drive and passion, and that is the singular love for Middle Earth. This edition will be a bit smaller as we transition our projects and move forward with the new 1.14 patch. So not to keep you waiting any longer, lets dive right on into this weeks edition of the MCME...

~The MCME Times~[02/08/2020]

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Time Flies!

One month down, a few to go!

Editor's Note by Soarz

Welcome back Dwarves, Elves, and Humans alike. We hope you enjoy your stay this week as week we talk about the tales of MCME, from projects to the news that has spread across the land. With January out of the way we only have a few months to work with so lets make then count! We have a lot to talk about and even more to show you, so without a further due please sit back at a 70 degree angle and get a good glass of water as we dive straight into this weeks edition of the MCME TIMES!

~ Project Progress ~

Anorien - Lead: @Oberanio | In Progress...

~The MCME Times~[01/26/2020]

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Moving Forward!
January is almost over!

Editor's Note by Soarz
January has rushed by, but time does fly when your chilling waiting on the good ole patch. This week is going to be a bit smaller on the project side as not much did happen as we watched from the sidelines as Eriol, and the team dealt with all the conversions and derps. We have added a bit more news for you to enjoy and look over to compensate for the lack of projects. Now relax as the edition is about to start, grab a seat/chair, and a snack as we show you the wonders of the MCME Times.

~ Project Progress ~

Anorien - Lead: @Oberanio | In Progress...

Website restructure

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What used to be the 'front page' for MCME has now been relocated to the mcmiddleearth.com/community/ subdomain, as well as the forums.
This change was necessary to allow for new front page functionality.

~The MCME Times~[01/11/2020]

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New Year New mcME!
Happy 2020 Everyone!

Editor's Note by Soarz
Happy new year MCME, last year was a bit wild, but fun. Time just seems to fly so fast when your having fun with friends and building amazing projects. With this new year we have the 1.14 update that is very close to being done, meaning more projects to report on. No more "Not much here this week" from us, as tons of work will be started shortly. I hope everyone is ready for another year with the community, because there is more fun to be had. So if your popcorn is ready with all the butter you can muster, lets get into this weeks edition.

~ Project Progress ~

Andrast - Lead...

The MCME Winter Survival

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The MCME Winter Survival
by Credoo

There lies one more present under the Christmas tree
Once opened you will find a strange key

On the key, you will find a letter
You waste no time and read it for the better

When you use this gift
your world will start to shift

Hold it in both your hands
and abandon all your...

Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas MCME!

I'd just like to take this opportunity to wish all players on MCME a truly wonderful Christmas, and happy holidays, on behalf of the Staff and Team here at MCME.
Look after yourself, stay safe and relax!

~The MCME Times~[12/15/2019]

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Chilly Season has set in!
The season of lights, fires, and Middle-earth builds!

Editor's Note by Soarz

We are officially halfway through December, and boy has it flown by! It felt like two weeks ago we just did this, oh wait we did. That's OK though because we have all new information for you and more progress on our usual builds. Not even the cold can slow us down from having fun on MCME as we have our winter events coming up, and this time around we will not be visiting Bree but SNOWY BREE!! Bet you didn't see that coming. Anyways, don't let me keep you! Please enjoy this weeks edition and watch out for the mistletoe out there.

~ Project Progress ~

~ ~❄️ The Winter Events 2019 ❄️~ ~

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~~ The MCME Winter Events 2019 ~~

Tis the season again!

Good day Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Robots and Spiders, Reindeer and Snowmen, and all in between. I am simply here to tell you about our upcoming Winter Events!

As per the last few years, we've had a set of events around the Christmas period, to add a bit of Christmas cheer to MCME. And this year is no different. We've got a wide range of events coming up for you all to get your festive teeth stuck into. Without and further ado, we have:

- Festive Karaoke -
Led by @Sam_Of_Seagull

19th of December - 6:30pm GMT

Some of you may remember @mapthor's Valentine's Day Karaoke earlier this year, or even his Christmas one from last year. Well guess what. We're doing it again, but with the fabulous...

~The MCME Times~[12/1/2019]

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Merry MiddleEarth!

It's that time of season again!

Editor's Note by Soars

Another two weeks and another edition to showcase your favorite content! It's the first of December and the weather is getting chilly, meaning blankets and tea. Work around the server is going smoothly and efficiently, there is always room for more builds. Not to mention the upgrade to 1.13, which means we are going to have a lot to look forward to in the coming days! This week we have our usual's and some good information in our development section, so be sure to check that out. Anyways, grab a buddy and a hot drink and enjoy what we have for you this week...

The Assistant Role and Beyond

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Every once in a while there are changes made to the MCME system, some are great, some are good, and some are not so good. We hope that the changes in this post will be great. All of the topics that are presented in this post have been debated and agreed upon by the Valar and Staff.​
The first announcement is that the Staff Project forums will be open to all Team Members. This is because we hope that by having a dedicated forum for team members (Artist/Guide+) we’ll increase communication between the ranks while also giving us the possibility to discuss topics internally. These forums also have a bunch of building related information that we think all builders will benefit from. So this change goes towards increasing transparency between the ranks.​
The second topic we would like to present is what the definition of Staff is. After thinking a bit about it we realised it's never really been defined...​

~The MCME Times~[11/17/2019]

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It's finally cold season!

Anywhere is cold if you just believe it is!

Editor's Note by Soarz

It's your favorite news letter of the week back again with some spicy new content. We had a slower couple of weeks this time around but none the less its still all good stuff. New projects are starting and 1.13 is in full view but sadly isn't touchable yet. That's ok though because there is still more to do around here. With it being more cold as of late that means finals and end of classes for some of us, giving us both stress and at the end free time. Anyways lets get on with this weeks edition, i hope you have a good read and don't forget to smash that like button.

~ Project...

~The New MCME Times~[11/3/2019]

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Spooky Seasons Over!
Now the cold can set in!
Editor's Note by Soarz
It has been a wild month to say the least! Starting with the Anniversary and progressing through events everyone had a good time. All of them were put together by our guide team with help from selective builders and of course our Valar. This week your favorite times team brings you another wonderful edition showing off all our building efforts from what we saw last week. We also see the introduction of our new Bungee Network, this was put in place just in case of another big out break of popularity in our beloved server. So without a further or do please sit back, grab your hot chocolate, slap in your favorite Lord of the Rings movie...

~The New MCME Times~[10/20/2019]

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Happy Birthday MCME!
Its been a long journey!

Editor's Note by Soarz
Welcome back fellow readers, we have a special edition this week! We celebrate nine years since the start of MCME! Its' been a long path and we have lost many great people, but in return we've gained many talented people. We couldn't have made it this far without their determination to building what they loved and now that we have the torch they passed down, it's our task to continue what they started. With that in mind we started our events for the Anniversary, and like every year they are going great! Sit back and enjoy another great edition, and don't forget to check out the new theme build! ;)

~ Project...

The MCME screenshot event!

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Hey all!

I am happy to announce the official mcme screenshot event!

After a walk through the forest you set your camp up for the night. You try to sleep but hear some branches crack to your left. You jump up and grab your sword. A small hooded figure emerges from the forest. You can see it’s a dwarf with a note. He gives you the note and disappears in the forest without saying a word. You open the letter and it reads:

Dear traveller

As you may know middle earth is a dangerous place where hard roads are the least of your worries. This challenge will push you to go further than the roads that lead from the shire to Gondor. It will challenge you to open your eyes for things you never even noticed and go to places you haven’t seen before.

This is why you will be exploring the world for this challenge. The goal is to make the best screenshot of them all!

Check further down for the rules:

[ATTACH type="full" width="727px"...​

A new era for the guides

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Good day everyone!

So in case you aren't aware, The wonderful Eriol has stepped down from the position of Head Guide, mainly to focus on developer things. Before I launch into anything, I'd just like to personally and on behalf of the guides,say thank you Eriol for generally being amazing. Thank you!

So. I have agreed to take his place as the 4th Head Guide since the rank was introduced back in 2017. And it's an honour! I might as well get started.
In my opinion, what better way to show off the guide rank than nice and early with the Anniversary Events coming up this weekend.
A lot of effort has already gone into these events, so I have a lot of confidence they will be some of the best yet. In case you've forgotten what's when then click here.

I'm also very keen to give the guides some shape. What I mean by that is some individuality. The team spirit...

The Head Moderator

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Hello MCME’rs

Thank you all for the many congratulation messages which I have received over the last few days and I would like to thank all of the other Valar for giving me this wonderful opportunity. In this post I would like to make it clear to the community what exactly my role is and what I intend to do in the future. As Head Moderator I will be responsible for managing the Moderators and server moderation; I will also be a Vala/Admin. This is the exact rank description as determined by Eru_Illuvatar q220:

Head Moderator
Staff position. Assigned by Eru Iluvatar to be in charge of being responsible for the Moderator related matters on the server. This person is in charge of the Moderators, and educating them to enforce the Terms of Service and Rules onto the community by using the Tools supplied to him.
  1. Assures that the appeals for bans are being done by someone else (acts as arbiter).
  2. Instructs the Moderators by creating and maintaining...

~The New MCME Times~[10/6/2019]

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Nine Years and Counting!
Its been a journey but its not over just yet!

Editor's Note by Soarz
It's all coming full circle once again and we are ready for it. Nine years doing anything can be hard and we have gained and lost many people over the years. But we take what they left us and move forward starting were they left off. With Eriol handing Head guide to Raffy and Credoo giving the crown to Smaug we have more traction the ever before. We were moving at a good pace but i see that we will be going even faster with the new lines of leadership we now have. Anyways this edition is full of twists and turns that I'm sure you aren't ready for. Sit back and enjoy another exciting new edition of your...

New Heads

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A new Head Moderator
A new Head Guide

I'm very happy to announce that I can finally hand over my responsibilites as Head Guide. I never intended to be Head Guide for that long. I took over in spring and did my best to improve the situation of the guides. To be honest I don't believe I did too well, but with a lot of help from the guides and especially @Arkengard and @Raffyyy we made some great progress. A huge ‘Thag You Very Buch’ to them!
We decided among the Valar team to give the responsibilites of the Head Guide to @Raffyyy! While I was mostly busy with the Helms Deep Battle he did a great job during the past months with event planning and organizing the guides. I'm very confident he'll continue his great work as Head Guide.


MCME's 9th Anniversary Events and Awards!

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I am proud to present to the MCME community:

~MCME's 9th Anniversary~
~Fall Festival~

MCME's 9th WHAT?!

You heard correctly random citizen! Next Thursday (October 10th) MCME will have seen 9 years of building, rebuilding, and uh... yeah more rebuilding. There are few now who can say they've seen how MCME has grown and developed over this time and I'd just like to applaud all those who have stuck around and committed to this wonderful project and community. I'd also like to show deep appreciation for those who join and contribute anytime they're online as this server wouldn't prosper without each and everyone of our enthusiastic members and guests! In honor of this appreciation, the MCME Team has decided to put on a show and celebrate with a series of events and festivities! Without further ado, I'm proud to announce the start of MCME's 9th...​