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    I don’t like this...

    I don’t like this...
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    Cooking for Hobbits! Event!!!

    Applications are now close. The winner will be announced in the (hopefully) coming days!
  3. Archimdes

    - The MCME Team Quiz Challenge! -

    Brexit Mean Brexit Archimdes,Stephen, Sam Seagull, Thomas, Sam Taranoc, MrDog/Irishman As some of us can’t make all the events we will swap out with each other. This is fine with the officials
  4. Archimdes

    Going Away Thread

    Date leaving: 28 July Date returning: 1st August Reason: Going on a canal bc I need a holiday and that’s the best I can do.
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    Accepted ConfusedLlama_'s Guide Application

    Recommend not making it a daily event and come up with some new ideas, if you constantly run the same thing people lose interest and the excitement for that event is lost
  7. Archimdes

    This afternoon I'm still really sad

    Time to get them back
  8. Archimdes

    Event - MCME Fashion Week (More like an hour) - Event

    MCME Fashion Week (more like an hour) As we are about to head into the summer holidays (YAY) so to kick start our summer events need some new outfits! There are three categories you can enter for: Middle Earth Theme Battle Uniform (*wink*) Free For All You can only enter one outfit for each...
  9. Archimdes

    Recommending heading over to our discord. Got a whole channel for that!!

    Recommending heading over to our discord. Got a whole channel for that!!
  10. Archimdes

    Mithrilled's Foreman Application

    The deal is done!
  11. Archimdes

    Who Last Saw The Ring? Event!

    Who Last Saw The Ring? The guide team has a mission for everyone one of you! Each month the one ring goes missing and we need your help to find it! Clues will be posted out every week on this forum. This will test you on every level, from wisdom to bravery. It could be hidden anywhere, the...
  12. Archimdes

    Build Battle Theme Ideas!

    Hello All, I want your suggestions for theme we can have in Build Battle! Build Battle happens every week on Sunday, starting at 6pm GMT, 7pm BST, 8pm Server Time. It’s a hour fun, chaos and laughter! Your suggestion can be anything! From a train station to a YouTubers studio. See you on...
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    Canceled CptRogers357 Guide application

    They grow up so fast .
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    Accepted Archimdes Guide Application

    Minecraft Username : Archimdes Date Joined : 22 September 2019 What country are from / What time do you usually play online: I am from the U.K. and normally play in the afternoon but active on discord though out the day. Are you regularly on our voice communication? Yes Do you talk on our...
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    Canceled Minigame Badge Application

    When did you join? I joined the server on the 22nd September 2019. But been a lot more active since March this Year. Current Rank? Commoner Why do you want this? This is one of the fun activities that I’ve always love doing on the server. Sadly this is also a rare occasion because not many...