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Recent content by barteldvn

  1. barteldvn

    Accepted Dahlfc2's Artist Application

    Moria hall: - Great improvement over your previous hall - Bit too fancy for a storage hall - A little more variation could be interesting (Perhaps a sectioned (behind a wall (like almost small room within the hall) or fence part for some dangerous materials or scrolls or ....) Gondolin house: -...
  2. barteldvn

    In Progress Visstick9 - Artist application

    Artist school house - Rather boring/plain. But good base, just needs more details/additions) - Perhaps have an out sticking wooden top floor (like Anorien houses for example) Rivendell - Some nice structures and pretty good usage of the arches. - Very many trees, which don't seem to fit (no...
  3. barteldvn

    Accepted Wyattrox03's Artist Application

    Moria connector hall: - Putting statues along the wall is a pretty unoriginal way to detail a hall, instead use height difference (lower sections/vs higher sections, (maybe have a third of the hall be higher up) - Good block pallet and usage. - The pillars look pretty thin for the large...
  4. barteldvn

    Cancelled Mr_Kekss Artist Application

    Alpine cottage: - Overall looks like an mountainous cottage, so great job on that. - Not sure why there are stones on the roof? - The terrace/patio around the house seems weird/way too big. I'd also probably not have it paved and just be dirt, or mostly dirt. - You walk out straight into a stream?
  5. barteldvn

    In Progress TedoIsBad's Artist Application

    Keep it up, not much to comment on, as most stuff is plotbuilds and other builds you said you already got feedback on) Would love to see some more stuff like that recent house you built, it's a good way to showcase your current building skills.
  6. barteldvn

    Cancelled W0lfpack2531's Artist Application

    City street design: - Context? City vs small town - > Stone/paved road (or at least fully dirt) vs Dirt road (with occasional plants/grass) - Alright looking houses the variation. - Avoid using that many different colours of roofs, instead try using 1-2 different ones (perhaps with additional...
  7. barteldvn

    Cancelled garyboi99's Artist Application

    Gondolin Well: - Sometimes less is more, even for an elven build this is way too complicated. - In general it just looks out of place to me, a well in a fancy park. - The mechanism/well itself on the other hand is very unfancy, which contrasts a lot. Pellenor House - Nice Gondolin Apartement -...
  8. barteldvn

    Cancelled FoxySeamus' Artist Application

    Cool house an in general nice block choice, here's some thoughts you should keep in mind though: - Thatch roofs need to be 45d+ (I think in this case a wooden shingle or a wooden planked roof could look nice) - I get a little confused in where this house would be, looking at how tall it is one...
  9. barteldvn

    Cancelled Thalaeris' Artist Application

    Hey Thalaeris, You definitely seem to have been building for a little while already, which shows in your builds. Green dragon - Great layout and atmosphere, it feels like a place I could see in the Shire. - Good organic shapes to your buildings. - Nice fields - Good exteriors, a little too...
  10. barteldvn

    Accepted Bohemian_Beetle's Artist Application

    Hey Bohemian Beetle Aghar and Udul - Nice atmosphere - Interiors look a little boring, though would be hard to make stuff like hanging carpets, piles of cloth... - Cover the thatch roofs with at least partial wooden supports on the inside Troll cave - Looks alright, bit plain, though accurate...
  11. barteldvn

    Accepted Mediodox's artist application

    Hey Mediodox Dead marshes - Nice. - Not sure about all the big rocks. Castle - I love it. - Exterior has a nice gradient and in general looks interesting. - Courtyard looks great and has everything I'd expect to be there. - In general the only negative points I can bring up is some realism...
  12. barteldvn

    In Progress Visstick9 - Artist application

    FFA Castle - Not my favourite castle, I'll be honest. - Layout is very square and boring. - Realistically it seems to make little sense. - The roofs are a mess. - But that is to be expected on old themed builds ;) .. Easter themed build - Nice road mix. - Wall is overdetailed/contains...
  13. barteldvn

    Cancelled Mr_Kekss Artist Application

    Hey Mr_Kekss, Anorien house - Nice exterior, fits very well within an Anorien village - Would have liked to see some interior for it, to see if it's equally nice. Dead Marshes - Nice, to me it seemed a lot of people built pretty much the same thing in that themed build, but I don't know who...
  14. barteldvn

    Cancelled Perrin99's artist application

    Hey Perrin, sorry to not have been responding to this application. Dwarven hall - This is not a bad hall, and it definitely shows some nice designs and creativity - However if you look for example at our current Moria builds, compared to the old ones, we realized that we need to make halls way...
  15. barteldvn

    Accepted Human100 artist application

    Specific feedback on that Dol Goldur build, that I seem to have missed. - Style is too similar to current Gondor, something that far out and away from the rest of Gondor, it to me have exactly the same gate design as Osgiliath, walls pretty much the same and then really just 1 type of tower. -...
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