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  1. Monster_Duck

    ~The MCME Times~[02/08/2020]

    I'm just going to put this out here, three-way didn't answer quite right so him or someone else might want to take a shot at it and read the question carefully
  2. Monster_Duck

    ~The MCME Times~[02/08/2020]

    Apparently he DMed it to The guide whose name I'm not gonna try to spell lol.
  3. Monster_Duck

    In Progress Guide Application: Monster_Duck

    Minecraft Username : Monster_Duck Date Joined : 28 January 2019 What country are from / What time do you usually play online: I am from USA and I am normally online 9-11 p.m EST on days that I am not working; when I work I don't have time to be online. I have tons of free time on Saturday and...
  4. Monster_Duck

    On Gay Elves

    Why is anyone arguing about this? Is there a specific elf who you think experiences same sex attraction? Are you trying to write a fanfiction (if so go for it lol). You aren't going to find Tolkien saying: "No elves are faggots" I strongly doubt he would imagine anyone in his perfect Catholic...
  5. Monster_Duck

    21st hall planning/discussion

    I feel like it would make sense for there to be some more recent ruins from the recent expedition Balin lead into Moria, especially near the Chamber of Mazarbul.
  6. Monster_Duck

    Download Map

    No, that is not allowed, but you can see it for yourself on our server
  7. Monster_Duck

    Going Away Thread

    Date leaving: June 2nd length of Absence: till June 6~7 Reason: goin to Tennessee
  8. Monster_Duck

    Shane, sometimes to join a private job you need to join discord voice chat, so it can be...

    Shane, sometimes to join a private job you need to join discord voice chat, so it can be explained to you.
  9. Monster_Duck

    Ayy the forum thing says it’s your birthday so HBD!

    Ayy the forum thing says it’s your birthday so HBD!
  10. Monster_Duck

    #07/19 - Orc-hold

    Hey, is it Rohan or Gondor? “Rohan To change to Gondor resource pack with server textures enabled do /rp r.”
  11. Monster_Duck

    Accepted Monster_Duck's Mini game Application

    Hello, while I am waiting for my Tour badge guide to reset, I was advised that now would be a good time to apply for the minigame badge. I joined the server January 28 of 2019 and have been playing actively since then. I am currently on watchlist for Artist I want the Minigames badge, so that...
  12. Monster_Duck

    An open letter to the Guides

    The builders have a place to put what they do, so maybe guides could do the same.
  13. Monster_Duck

    Canceled Monster_Duck's Tour Badge Application

    Hello, my name is Monster_Duck, and although I have chosen to pursue the path of artist I would still love to be able to give tours like the guides do. I joined the server on January 28 of 2019, and since then I have been online for 8 days (yikes) I am currently a commoner currently under...
  14. Monster_Duck

    In Progress ***Osgiliath Vegetation Upgrade***

    Osgo Contest Plot 2 Straights Are Bad Monster_Duck, Rhim_ (we didnt do the claiming part cause it is broken, but bwot set up a plot over yours
  15. Monster_Duck

    Accepted Tours/Minigames Badge Application [Arkengarde]

    how to like a post more than once? oh wait this isn't Google