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A new age


Experienced Member
Oh god, we let the swiss rule? Don't you see what happend to FIFA??

All joking aside (or wasn't I?) Minecraft can be boring after a while the only thing that stays interesting are the people you play with.
So I won't say farewell or anything, because I'm pretty sure you'll come on the server and be lurking occasionally.
So big congratz to Finrod (Gratulation!) you put a lot of hours in this project and you well eared your rank!


Yellow Flower Puncher
Why does that stuff happen while im away :(
But srsly good luck in your futher Tasks in live.
Wow i was away too, and i came back and saw all this new stuff. I hate all these surprises when i come back. Never though sooooo much can happen in 2 weeks


Experienced Member
I will surely miss that fish. Completely scared to not even build, but place a block in front of him. I though still have chills about Creedo approving my camp project:cool:. Thank-you for that. But I think the most remembered memory I will have of Creedo will be that even though I am one of the bad builders of the server, and he did not say good try and to work harder, instead he did not care to tell me my builds were sh*t. And I actually think that has helped me to try harder. Granted I am very lazy, but I try.

PLZ don't make me build bushes.