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How can I become Artist or Commoner?


Aspiring Member
Good morning you all!! I would like to know how can I become an artist or a commoner. I think I'm a good constructor and It would be a pleasure be part of this project with my help. Could someone explain me how to get that Range?


Head Developer
Staff member
Head Developer
It's great you want to help. For a valid Artist application you should first participate in a Themed-build. You can get a plot by first do command /themedbuild and then command /theme.
With screenshots of your Themed-build plot you can apply at the forum:
Also it is helpful for an successful Artist application to join as many jobs as possible.

Commoner is different. MCME Team Members (Artist/Guide+) vote for active and friendly players. As soon as you got 10 votes you'll be promoted to Commoner instantly. You should get Commoner on your path to Artist almost certainly. It's much easier to get ;)