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Who Last Saw The Ring? Event!

Who Last Saw the Ring?

Another week, another clue! One person has found the ring already, so let's see if this second clue will help everyone some more.

Clue 2: Clues of plenty, far and wide. Hitherto, the great Chieftain, Bestowing great honour and jewels, Looked afar, stood upon the great stone arch.

If you find the ring, message Greetly#0166 on discord and send me a screenshot of the location, happy hunting!
Who Last Saw the Ring?

Another week has passed, so it is time for a new clue! Only one person has got it so far, if you think you know where it is, make sure to check thoroughly. So here it is, and good luck hunters:
Clue 3:

Golden brown, glistening in the sunlight;
Twisting and turning, this way and that
Until it meets the end, at the dark woods.

If you find the ring, message Greetly#0166 on discord and send me a screenshot of the location, happy hunting!
Who Last Saw the Ring?
Another week has gone, and the ring has still eluded most people. These are the final hints, merged into one! If you thought you knew the location, check again, the ring may have revealed itself from its hiding spot...

Clue 4 and 5:

Over the river we go, long and fast does it flow,
Ten miles yonder, was another path which some chose to go.
Delve under the stonework, ancient and proud, and there you will find the ring.

Near to the famous hollow, you will find what you seek,
Not a house or a creek, but a stone bow, steadfast in the winds.
The East Road continues, onto the elves.

If you find the ring, message Greetly#0166 on discord and send me a screenshot of the location, happy hunting!
Who Last Saw the Ring?


Poster by @Easy_Silas

Oi oi oi!

For those who though they night never see me again, think again! Your favourite national general knowledge champion, though unfortunately all that memory space has been wasted, I can't find that bloody ring!! I wrote down a few hints, but I don't understand them myself :( Every second, my brain makes 1000s of connections to things I've read, seen or watched. And this is one of them. Help me make the connections!!!

Clue 1:

Shantih Shantih Shantih. DA. C30 Purg

If you do manage to find it, please drop me a message at Mortal_Engineer#6301. Happy hunting!!!!
Who Last Saw The Ring?

Second clue coming up from one @Mortal_Engineer:

Emperor Trajan, Cato and Ripheus. Not Virgil/Gandalf.

If you've found the Ring dm Mortal_Engineer#6301 or myself on Discord. Good luck!
Who Last Saw The Ring?

Final clue from @Mortal_Engineer:

“tanto ch'i' vidi de le cose belle
che porta 'l ciel, per un pertugio tondo.
E quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle.”

Remember, if yoy found the Ring, make sure to drop a message to @Melkoron Discord!
Who Last Saw The Ring?

This months ringhunt is hosted by me, @Rock_Hill#3377
This is really exiting for me because this is my first time hosting a ringhunt.
Now for the hunt:

A creature has found the ring from a mine and now its going to take the ring home.
You need to track the ring and get it back to safety.

Clue 1:

Deep from the mines the creature arises. Heading for the lands where the sun rises.

If you find the ring, dm me screenshot of it @Rock_Hill#3377 on discord.
Good luck!

Poster made by Silas:
Who Last Saw The Ring?
Again its me @RockHill#3377 with a new clue. Todays clue guides you foward on your journey to find the ring.

Clue 2:
The journey continues, past the Valley, to the Hill. Where the creature changes its course and heads for warmer weathers in the south.

And remember to message me if you find the Ring @RockHill#3377
Happy hunt !

Poster by Silas:
Who Last Saw The Ring?

Hello, this weeks clue will finish the path of the creature. Now you just need to follow the path.

Clue 3:
The journey is lang and finally the creature has arrived to its destination in a port town. Here it will hide the ring in a safe place.

Not a single person has found the ring yet, So be the first one to find it and you can get a little gift.

Also remember to dm me a screenshot when you find the ring @RockHill#3377

Who Last Saw The Ring?

Now this last clue should make the hunt easier, at least for people with knowledge of the server.
Now we know the route, but what about the starting point?

Clue 4:
The mine where the creature left from is specialised in Amorite mining.

You still can be the first one to find the ring. So be fast and the gift will be yours!!

And remember to send me a screenshot when you find the ring @RockHill#3377
Good luck!

Ring Hunt Week 2:

From the tower he set his eye
Upon the bounding wall
Beset like diamonds in the sky
And there besought its fall

Ring Hunt Week 3: The host rode on. Need drove them. Fearing to come too late, they rode with all the speed they could, pausing seldom.
Ring Hunt Week 4:

Hello, and congratulations to those who have found the ring so far. To those who haven’t, here is the clue for your final week.

“Let this be the hour when we draw swords together.”
Ring Hunt Week 1:
A: Seat
B: Thorn
C: a letter from the name of the leader of the artillery charge at Freidland, (s) and 4 letters from the word mouth
D: The best window, is best without the bindow,

1: of a place where a certain Sparrow would enjoy
2: of… well, nothing really
3: of a land with no doors
4: of a great pun
It will be found between the value of cab times cake, plus bed, all times nutty, and, a bee times a bag, add add, then multiply by dad squared.
So far none have found the ring, hopefully this will clear it up!
Along the tacos, which the corsairs of rumba have doubtless sailed by many a time, an E marks the spot, where the grin will be found.
Howdy folks!

Dogsargent here, it seems some rapscallion has made off with the treasured ring yet again. Fortunately, said rapscallion is my grandfather and his memory's weak so he jotted down some clues to remind himself where he put it. Unfortunately, I'm bamboozled, I've looked everywhere on the ranch for that darned thing and haven't seen a glimpse..... Which makes me think he might have hidden it a bit farther away from home. I'm too busy to look for it now, so here's the first clue he left, see if you can figure it out!

They hiked through plains,
Climbed through the Mountains,
Tunneled through the dangerous depths,
Pushed though forests of monsters and magic.
Back to this journey of woe, the ring has returned.

If you find that blasted thing message Dogsargent on discord!