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Who Last Saw The Ring? Event!

A week has passed and none of you have found the ring? Shameful. Since nobody made any headway here's the second clue he left.

Spines riddled along its side.
Bane of lives, monsters hide.
Beasts of the dark, misshapen and malformed.
Progeny of the shadows.
Nobody? Still. Shameful. Still, in my free time I got another one of the clues ready for y'all. Beware, there isn't much time left, only one clue left after this one.

Clang! Smash! The metal crashes.
Crack! Quake! The rock breaks.
Picks chip at the stony walls.
Beasts reside, preying through the passage walls.
Last chance to find the ring!

A traitor, a luster, a hunter.
Darkness, darkness, darkness.
Hiding, hiding, hiding.
Clinging to all that's precious.

Message me on discord to claim eternal glory as the first to find!
Who Last Saw The Ring?

The Return of the Ring Hunt

The One Ring has gone missing and we need someone to find it! Each month the ring will change locations and there will be a new clue every weekend to give you hints about where it is hidden. Remember, it could be hidden anywhere so keep your eyes wide open.

December 2023 - Clue 1:
Where peace and solitude reside
there lies a little, old cairn
Sit around by the lake
where snow meets the air
If you find the ring, message me on Discord with the location - good luck!

Thank you to @WieldableMars0 for creating the clues this month.
It's time for another clue!

December 2023 - Clue 2:
Have a sword out
if you find yourself coming here,
Because near the start of the path,
there are orcs and goblins near
Congrats to the people who have already found the ring. All the winners will be revealed in the first January clue announcement

December 2023 - Clue 3
As the sun rose upon its cliffs,
the towering mountain shined a dull red
Cruel, the people here called it
and with cruelty, those people were met
The final clue of the month! January's ring hunt will begin next Sunday and the winners of this hunt will be announced.

December 2023 - Clue 4
Above the depths of Moria,
the mighty Barazinbar stands
Near the summit of its pass,
the ring lies isolated from all other lands
For those of you that haven't seen, the first clue for January 2024 was announced on discord earlier this week. Here is clue 1:
A Royal Gift, Even Long after the kingdom's End enjoyed by many, a Beautiful land

And today, here is the 2nd clue for January 2024 to help find the ring that tidc lost:
Over the Water, to the North the ring awaits

Congratulations to all the following winners that successfully found the ring that @WieldableMars0 lost in December: @JustRocket @Firecheetah12 @Topcatflap @Tidc and to everyone else that found it but didn't message me! I hope you enjoyed the hunt and thanks again to Mars for giving us the clues to find it.

@Easy_Silas also found Mars' ring but unfortunately judges concluded that this didn't count.

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Here are the past 2 clues for this month (sorry didn’t know this place existed)

Clue #1:
> By a river of iron and walls of stone.

Clue #2:
> Where the men of stone still roam

Remember to DM @JustRocket if you find the ring!