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    @Eriol_Eandur I think badges might interfere with chat, because my chat isn't showing up when I say something ingame.
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    [WE-] MaDReD

    Yes, but that was a little voxel for terrain and primarily hand build barrows, so not much WE done there. But you're right, two surviving projects :D
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    My new name

    Why 2022? Is there seriously someone else with the name RedAnaran?
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    [WE-] MaDReD

    When did you join? 21st of July 2011. What rank are you currently and approximately how long have you had that rank? Enforcer, 3~4 years. (staff 6+ years) How experienced are you in FAWE? I know the basic commands to copy, paste, and manipulate selections. I have very little to no experience...
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    Brash's Mcme pack remastered (on pause)

    This is really cool Brash. I look forward to using it someday.
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    LOL That Droog Said...

    I don't understand what I'm looking for in your post @awaywind :3
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    New Book: The Fall of Gondolin

    My god, they're plagiarising our adventure map.
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    Commoners: A Free Nation

    We must cleanse the heresy, all who oppose the regime and engage in revolution shall be encouraged to reconsider.
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    Napoleon0605's Foreman Application

    If you want to wish Nap goodluck, or make a suggestion specifically regarding this application (bold text, add pictures) go right ahead. If you post something off-topic even if it's indirectly related (discussing the foreman rank or other applications) your post will be removed. Over half the...
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    Forums have been updated

    I love you for the fact that we can leave dislikes now.
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    MCME Nostalgia Thread

    I see you desire to be banned.
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    MCME Nostalgia Thread

    @JordD04 Wow, fight me you scrub. I was guiding people long before you were guiding people around you scrubmeister.
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    An honest Message to the Enforcement

    @Fornad Though I know I play a dangerous game posting a meme, allow me a retort. I hope the admins won't ban me for making memes, because as we all know people have been banned before solely for making memes. @peoplewhoareactuallymembersofthiscommunityandnotfornadoreaglz That said, yes there...
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    Random stack of green wool in Minas Tirith.

    Thanks Gary, I've removed it.
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    Halloween Events 2017

    I run arch linux on a tamagotchi.