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Recent content by Rogue_Scholar

  1. Rogue_Scholar

    Contest Lond Daer Palace Contest

    Team name: mantra Team participants: Maski, Rogue, Andrew, Swe, Norir, Badger
  2. Rogue_Scholar

    LOL That Droog Said...

  3. Rogue_Scholar

    ❄️ The Winter Events 2020 ❄️

    love how every picture has the same snow lol edit: nvm i just have bad eyesight
  4. Rogue_Scholar

    Contest Discord Banner Contest

    just wanted to be the first post here, not a great shot, but i really liked this angle, so if anyone can do one with better shaders at this angle please do :)
  5. Rogue_Scholar

    Do YOU want to be a permanent part of MCME’s history?

    My first interaction with Q, beating him in chess after he turned me into a fish 5/20/20
  6. Rogue_Scholar

    LOL That Droog Said...

    not my best, but monster hasn't replied yet
  7. Rogue_Scholar

    Voxel &/or full WE plz

    the limit is ball brush 94 radius ;)
  8. Rogue_Scholar

    ~ The MCME Times ~ [10/18/2020]

    w I'll do you one better, Turin I, Turin II and Turin III
  9. Rogue_Scholar

    [Official] MCME Derp Report Thread

    no it wasn't, you ass. you pasted my boat in leaving the hole, I got rid of my boat, leaving you to fix the hole. @ooitsbirdo
  10. Rogue_Scholar

    MCME 10 Year Anniversary Events

    Ok wait is it like black-tie formal or just generic suit formal?
  11. Rogue_Scholar

    Rogue Animation badge

    Minecraft Username : Rogue_Scholar When did you join MCME : 20 July 2019 What rank are you currently and approximately how long have you had that rank?: artist since June 2020 Which WE badge do you have? limited Why should we give the animations badge to you? ever since I was an adventurer, I...
  12. Rogue_Scholar

    Accepted Rogue foreman app

    Lead two jobs today, one finishing the reshaping and smoothing of the northwest quadrant osgo wall, and the other was a 2.5 hour stream job. also I forgot to post it here but I ran a job on the osgo wall a few days ago as well