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Dallen's target rendered tests


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I like to point of two things. First the pictures isn't facing Minas Morgul. And second is that I love it if it was on the other side of the spike.


Hardcore MCME-er
Cinema 4D is super cool and it made me feel like doing some more of these so enjoy. All your feed back is appreciated.





Like if you want to see more, My new comp is much more powerful so its less painful to do (the older ones i had to kill everything including windows explorer to get the power i needed). They are a bit darker and lower resolution but that is b/c I am super new to C4D and need to learn a lot more. Hope you enjoyed
A little late, but I just thought to ask this: could you fill in those little empty spots in the corners of the top view shots? If it's difficult, then don't worry about it ;)