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artist application

  1. bruceboy55

    Accepted Bruceboy55's Artist App

    DATE joined: Aug 11 2020 JOBS: I don't know all the jobs I have done but I will list the ones I remember :) Effie- Dead_Marshes_2 terrain detailing w0rld- pelennorroads roads for hypr w0rld- w0rldtrees8 trees in plotworld Hypr- Osgofield_road_3 roads for hypr Rudo- Rudo_Farm_Walls2 mini...
  2. Topcatflap

    Accepted Topcatflap's Artist Application

    Date: Friday March 6th 2020 Jobs and Plotbuilds: Jobs: Effiesjob - 27/01/2021 - CommunismBirdo & EffieFrag - Fixing Redstone Chains, Dirt, and Water Effiesjob2 - 27/01/2021 - CommunismBirdo & EffieFrag - Fixing Redstone Chains, Dirt, and Water in Linhir Effiesjob3 - 27/01/2021 -...
  3. Personal Work on Osgilith from one side

    Personal Work on Osgilith from one side

    I helped here as a worker for utmost 6-7 hours finishing off the outer walls of Osgiliath, I was assigned this personally and managed to finish the underwater gate within 2-3 hours from both sides. Texture placement and block placement all done without input. Super happy to help! A very good memory.
  4. Personal Work on Osgilith (with help!)

    Personal Work on Osgilith (with help!)

    I helped here as a worker for utmost 6-7 hours finishing off the outer walls of Osgiliath, I was assigned this personally and managed to finish half in two days until a builder came in to finish the rest. It was a learning experience with how to place and use tools but I'm happy I contributed!
  5. Osgilith Texture

    Osgilith Texture

    I helped here as a worker for utmost 6-7 hours finishing off the outer walls of Osgiliath with team of 8-9 commoners
  6. Orruss

    Accepted Orruss' Artist Application

    Date Joined: January 16th 2014 Jobs: Moria West Gate Stairs - Mixing + Detailing - Mershy + ConfusedLlama_ Plotbuilds: Lond Daer - Middle-Class Housing - _Luk + Mattlego Moria - Movie Cave - Paths + Bridges - AVeryAngryBadger Moria - Movie Cave - Paths / Bridges / Gate - AVeryAngryBadger...
  7. w0rldunder

    Accepted w0rldunder's Artist Application

    Date: The first time I joined was on September 30th 2017, I have been on and off for short amounts of time because I was inspired by MCME, I started being more active at the start of January 2021 and I have been playing daily ever since. Jobs and Plotbuilds: Job: - rammas3 - 07-01-2021 -...
  8. Fuzzzyball

    Cancelled Fuzzzyball's Artist Application

    DATE JOINED: I joined MCME on April 15 2020. JOBS: Birdo job (Dome of Stars) - Ooitsbirdo Birdo job 2 (Osgiliath wall) - Ooitsbirdo Ober private anorien (Anorien farms and path) - Oberanio THEMES: Anorien Ruin: A village built around some Anorien Ruins. Filled with details, alleys, farms and...
  9. Frey

    Cancelled Amha333's Artist application!

    Hello everyone! I am Amha333 and this is my Artist application!!! I first joined this amazing server at 29,01,2020 then I became a commoner after 3 days of playing! After that I played all the way until the last days of Draos rule as the consul of the commoners, then I logged off until...

    Cancelled MITHLONDEL's Artist Application

    Hello, I am MITHLONDEL, and here is my information concerning this application. Date Joined: I joined the server on Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 7:00 PM Pacific Time Zone (PST). I started my application thread on Monday, June 15, 2020 at 9:00 PM Pacific Time Zone (PST). My Motive for Applying...
  11. Merluin

    Cancelled Merlin(c01) reapplication

    -= Artist re-Application =- By Merlin(c01) [Info] Actual in-game username: Merlinc01 Previous applications: - Guide: https://www.mcmiddleearth.com/community/threads/merlinc01.4102/ [Canceled] - Artist: Accepted - Merlinc01 (30/08 - final update) [Accepted] - Foreman: Accepted - Merlin(c01)'s...
  12. J

    Canceled Artist Application

    Id really love to build huge projetcs on the server. Im really good at it. In first minutes on the server i made a medieval tower which perfectly fits in the world of ME.
  13. LordDracule

    Bridge Inn

    Hi all!! I'm writing here to ask for become a Commoner or Artist, here you can see some pictures of my own plot that I realised last week. As you can see, I've been working hard since 2011, when I started playing minecraft by the first time and I've learnt a lot about construction and details...
  14. Crumbled Helm's Deep 2

    Crumbled Helm's Deep 2

  15. Crumbled Helm's Deep

    Crumbled Helm's Deep

  16. FlatBoulders

    Cancelled UPDATE: FlatBoulders Application for Artist Rank

    While I'm not expecting to be an artist first time, but I want to show my dedication to the server and get feedback on my builds to improve. Anyway: I joined about two weeks ago and I have participated in multiple teamed jobs, mainly building and filling out roads and rivers (here and here). I...
  17. TyGl20

    Cancelled TyGl20 Artist Application

    Date: April 8, 2019 Jobs and Plotbuilds: Many sewer jobs in Dol Amroth, A few Moria house interiors, road detailing in Gondor, multiple vegetation on houses in Osgiliath. Themed-builds: Anorien, Lake Town, Bree, Orc Hold, Black Gate, Ranger Camp Additional Builds: A few projects on freebuild...
  18. Shadierpeak7120

    Canceled ShadierPeak7120's Artist Application

    Date Joined: 1/28/2019 Jobs: DASewers2-4 Theme Builds: Elvish House (would do more but cant figure out how "says i have max number of plots") (I Would Be Happy To Help With Anything I'm Asked To Do!) Exterior of elvish house Interior of the elvish house Other Things I've Made: W.I.P...
  19. Clever

    Canceled Cleverboi’s Artist Application

    Hello, My name is Clever previously littlebluepengin. I Participated in 1 theme build (deadmarshes) and believe that I would be a good pick for an Artist position. I have owned Minecraft for 5 years and have a lot of experience when it comes to building. My particular talent is red stone and...
  20. D

    Canceled Artist application from Desiemer

    Date: I don't remember when I first joined the server but I believe I have been occasionaly walking around and awing at the builds for at least a year, I have only become active in jobs the last week. Jobs and Plotbuilds: I have not done a lot on the server (yet). I helped oberanio decorating...