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A - All warps starting with A

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  • This wiki-page will show the lore and a screenshot of all the warps starting with the letter A.
    My sources for the lore is the website
    tolkiengateway.net and for the screenshots the Minecraft Server build.mcmiddleearth.com. The place names are color coded to show the recommended resource pack:

    • Orange for the Eriador resource pack
    • Green for the Rohan resource pack
    • Blue for the Gondor resource pack
    • Gold for the Lórien resource pack
    • Red for the Mordor resource pack
    • Aelhroth

    Aehlroth is a town in south east Anfalas (aka Langstrand) in Gondor. East of it one can find the bay of Lond Cabas. It contains about twenty houses and two large villas or small castles. In Tolkien's works, there is no mention of this town. Aehlroth was created by @Darki190 and @kisos in April 2016.
    /warp Aelhroth

    • Agar

    Agar is a village west of Gondor. It is the rival town of Udul. It is located on the shore and it is an ignorant village with the most primitive houses possible. It is a region of green hills a with a few trees. There are about twenty houses in Agar. The character Tal-Elmar from the book: Peoples of Middle-earth came from Agar, so it is mentioned by Tolkien.
    /warp Agar

    • Aldburg

    Aldburg was once the capital of Rohan, before the Brego (son of the first king of Rohan: Eorl) built the Golden Hall in Edoras. Since then the capital was moved to Edoras. Aldburg means in Old-English: Old Fortress. Aldburg was the home of Éomer. Aldburg has approximately hundred houses.

    The original Aldburg was built in conjunction with Dunharrow as one of the last major Build Days before Osgiliath. The Build Day was lead by SMtg and Fawkes. Ryanturambar himself built the main keep. Aandolaf was appointed to create the military barracks. StokieBen made the surrounding towers at the edges of the town. Credoo and Oronwe constructed the main Meeting Hall for Aldburg that was so huge and grand that it overshadowed Ryanturambar’s keep and they were forced to rebuild it. It was eventually relocated to the infamous “Mountain Village,” but was unfortunately also too big to stay there either and was removed.
    BevsForBros copied the old Aldburg to the new map, with the help of Fireinferno who did several touch-ups to the houses since the style was now out of date.

    The rehaul of Aldburg was lead by Fireinferno13 with the help of Thijs1801, given that it was the only remaining city in Rohan from the old map. This involved installing the new thatched roof style from Edoras as well as emphasizing the “fortress” aspect of the city. The keep was built through a competition and was eventually won @Thijs1801 , @Genexos , @Eaglz24 and @Beathaven .
    /warp Aldburg

    • Algodan

    Algodan is a village a little bit north of Linhir in Lamedon. It is wedged between two river sources of the Gilrain. To the west is the mountain chain of Belfalas.There are about fifteen houses in Algodan. Algodan is not mentioned in any of Tolkien's books.
    /warp Algodan

    • Amon Dîn

    Amon Din is the nearest beacon to Minas Tirith (the eastermost beacon). It is part of the communication system between Gondor and Rohan. The beacons were two series of permanently manned stations maintained by the lord of Minas Tirith for raising the alarm in the northern and southern Gondor. The stations kept signal fires in readiness and stabled fresh horses for couriers. It is believed to be the oldest of the beacon hills, originally used as a fortified outpost of Minas Tirith. It kept watch over the passage Between North Ithilien and Dagorlad. Amon Dîn is Sindarin, which means "silent hill".
    /warp Amon Din

    • Amon Hen

    Amon Hen was the westernmost of the three peaks at the southern end of Nen Hithoel. Upon Amon Hen were the remains of an ancient road with stairs where the hill grows steep. At the summit there is a flat with upon the high seat upon Amon Hen had been made in the days of the great kings. It lays in ruin. The original was led by Tryfor34 and Taylore. Amon Hen was originally built by the twins, @Vosrik and @Shalken. Amon Hen was copied to the new map by @BevsForBros, but received partial changes by @ThatRuben such as new statues (sphinxes) and some ruining improvements.
    /warp Amon Hen

    • Andrast

    Andrast is a region in the south-west of Gondor. It was not populated by Numenoreans. It was believed the area was still populated by tribes of Druedain and other hostile men. The White Mountains ended their southward bend at the Andrast. They formed a barrier to invaders from the north of Gondor. There were no passes over this part of the White Mountains. Andrast is a a Sindarin name meaning "Long Cape". Andrast is currently under construction and is led by @jacenpeter with colead from @mattlego.
    /warp Andrast

    • Annuminas

    Annuminas was the city of the Kings of Arnor before the capital of the North Kingdom was located to Fornost Erain. The city lay on the southeast shore of Lake Nenuial. To the south of Annuminas rose the Hills of Evendim. The city was founded by Elendil in S.A. 3320. In the Third Age, it has lain in ruins for more than two thousand years. The palantír was held in Annuminas, but when the house of the Kings was moved to Fornost, the stone was moved too.

    It was started by Irufush1 in the first half of 2011. The city was started by Wollip and Irufush before their resignations. However much of the actual construction and ruining process was led by Fireinferno13. The city was never actually built completely before the ruining process began due to a need for server jobs. The main palace was built and primarily ruined by @jacenpeter and @bender400 .
    /warp Annuminas
    • Arassalath

    Arassalath is not mentioned specifically in any of Tolkiens works. It is a town in Lamedon on the border with Belfalas. It is wedged between where the Morthond and the gathered waters of the Ciril and the Ringlo join together to flow into the Cobas Haven. It contains fifteen houses, a small docks and a balista tower, and is known for its big moose statue in the centre of the village.
    /warp Arassalath

    • Archet

    Archet was the most remote of the settlements of the Bree-Land. It lays somewhat to the east of Bree itself. Set among the trees on the edge of the Chetwood on the north and east of the Bree-hill. A few hobbits lived here, but the inhabitants were predominantly Big Folk. Archet is equivalent to the real-life Welsh named Argoed, with the meaning "by the woods".
    /warp Archet

    • Argonath

    The Argonath, also known as the Gate of Kings or the Pillars of the Kings, was a landmark on the northern edge of Gondor. The Argonath consists of two enormous rock pillars. They are carved to look like Isildur and Anarion facing the north. Each of the two figures are placed upon huge pedestals, held axe in its right hand and its left hand rose in a gesture of defiance to the enemies of Gondor.

    The statues of Isildur and Anarion were constructed separately. The one of the left was built by staff, primarily Aandolaf with influence by StokieBen. The one on the right was built by the community. This statue was based on Aandolaf’s and began with a basic outline. The Pillars of the Argonanth were transferred by BevsForBros onto the new map in the winter of 2013.
    /warp Argonath