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N - All warps starting with N

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  • This wiki-page will show the lore and a screenshot of all the warps starting with the letter N.
    My sources for the lore is the website
    tolkiengateway.net and for the screenshots the Minecraft Server build.mcmiddleearth.com. The place names are color coded to show the recommended resource pack:
    • Orange for the Eriador resource pack
    • Green for the Rohan resource pack
    • Blue for the Gondor resource pack
    • Gold for the Lórien resource pack
    • Red for the Mordor resource pack
    • Nan Dawar

    A village in Lamedon close to the Morthond which forms a natural border between Anfalas and Lamedon. The village exist of a main keep surrounded by some houses with a small dock. This place is not mentioned in one of Tolkien's works.
    /warp Nan dawar

    • Needlehole

    A small village in the remote northwestern parts of the Shire. It lays strictly within the Westfarthing near the border of the Northfarthing in the Shire.It had few neighboring settlements, apart from the village of Nobottle to the west. The water flowed through the town on its way out to Rushock Bog. The name Needlehole referers to a narrow hole or opening in this area.
    /warp Needlehole

    • Newbury

    Newbury is village of Buckland, about three miles to the north of Bucklebury and Brandy Hall, standing close to the Hedge that protected Buckland from the Old Forest, near the Brandywine Bridge and next to Crickhollow. There are twenty houses. The name implies that it is one of the more recent settlements in Buckland. The line of the Hedge followed an arch around the village showing that it was already established when the High Hay was created.
    /warp Newbury

    • Nindalf

    Also called the Wetwang Marshes. It is located south of the Emyn Muil. It is a great marshland region that formed opposite the wide delta where the river Entwash flowed into the Anduin. Nindalf is the Sindarin name for "wet flat field".
    /warp nindalf

    • Nobottle

    Nobottle is small village in the Shire's Westfarthing, but far to the north of the East road. It lays to the west of Needlehole in the more sparsely populated area of the Shire. The name Nobottle comes from the Old English for "new building". There are ten houses.
    /warp nobottle