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B - All warps starting with B

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  • This wiki-page will show the lore and a screenshot of all the warps starting with the letter B.
    My sources for the lore is the website
    tolkiengateway.net and for the screenshots the Minecraft Server build.mcmiddleearth.com. The place names are color coded to show the recommended resource pack:
    • Orange for the Eriador resource pack
    • Green for the Rohan resource pack
    • Blue for the Gondor resource pack
    • Gold for the Lórien resource pack
    • Red for the Mordor resource pack
    • Bag End

    "In a hole in the ground there lived a Hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a Hobbit-hole, and that means comfort." A description of Bag end given by Tolkien in the opening lines of The Hobbit. Bag End is a smial in Hobbiton, it's the residence of the Bilbo Baggings and Frodo Baggins, in our time perspective.. Bag End was built into a The Hill by Bungo Baggins. He made this smial for him and his wife to live in. The entrance to Bag end was a perfectly round green door featuring a brass knob in the center. The entryway was a tube-shaped hall with paneled walls and a tiled floor, furnished with carpeting, polished chairs, and an abundance of pegs for the hats and coats of many visitors. The tunnel continued into the hill with side doors that were also round. All of the rooms were on the same level – bedrooms, bathrooms, cellars, multiple pantries, wardrobes, kitchens, and dining rooms. The best rooms were those on the left side of the passage for they had deep-set round windows with a view of the garden and meadows beyond down to The Water.

    Bag End was originally constucted in 2010. The 'party' tree atop Bag End was made by Shmattins and MaDIIReD. Bag End got revamped and was primarily constructed by Ryanturambar The current version of Bag end is made by @kisos , @_Luk and others in April 2016.
    /warp Bag end

    • Bairdh Gelin

    Bairdh Gelin is a
    village a little to the west of the middle of Anfalas. This is the biggest town in
    Anfalas; there can be found more then 50 houses here. The village was lead by @kisos and with help of artists this village was made in 3 days in March 2016. This village is not specifically mentioned in any of Tolkiens works. In our own interpretation, Lord Golasgil of Anfalas had his residence in the castle of the town.
    /warp Bairdh Gelin

    • Barad Eglan

    Barad Eglan is a ruined castle in Anfalas. It has been empty for over 1000 years and most of the damage is by natural causes. Barad Eglan can be found a little to the west of Crick's Hill in the north of Anfalas. Originally it consisted of a diverse bridge system to protect the keep and its barracks. It's now inhabited by a few bandits, who use the ruined keep as their hideout place. Barad Eglan was built by @Darki190 , @Thijs1801 , and @Beathaven in April 2016.
    /warp Barad Eglan

    • Bareketta

    Bareketta is a fortified town at the shores of the Lake Evendim in Arnor. It was the family seat of the House Eketya and featured "one of the loveliest keeps of Arthedain". Bareketta is a variation from the older name Bar Eketya which again is a variation from even older Mar Eketyaron. That name is pure Qenya (old Quenya) and translates as "home of the Eketyar". Eketyar again means "people of the Eket", while again Eket (modern Quenya ecet) means "short broad-bladed sword", and refered to a very specific kind of weapon imported from Númenor. It is ruined and its style is very similar to Annuminas and other places of Arnor. It started by @kisos on the 20th of May 2015 and finished on the 20th of June 2015.
    /warp Bareketta

    • Barrow Downs

    The Barow Downs (also called Tyrn Gorthad) are a series of low hills in the east of the Shire. 'Barrow' is an old word for the grave-mounds found among these hills. It can be found southwest of Bree, behind the Old Forest. Many of these hills are crowned with barrows. They were first inhabited by Men related to the Edain. They fled when Easterlings attacked Eriador, but returned after these left/were killed in the War of Wrath. After Rhudaur fell to Angmar the Dunedain of Cardolan entrenched themselves here, but eventually the realm fell. Resettlement failed because of Barrow-wighs send by the Witch-king. Now they are described to by the ancient burial grounds of Men. Some say evil things can still be found in the Barrows.

    With the revamp of the old Forest it was decided that the barrow downs should be revamped as well. The project was led by @MaDIIReD . With the new map another revamp was in store. This time the barrow downs were to be much more spaced out and less obviously present. Due to the suggestions of some lore savvy members a wall was built on the north side of the barrow downs, as it was encountered in the books. The great barrow was made much larger and maze like this time. This project was led by @MaDIIReD as well.
    /warp Barrow Downs

    • Black Gate
    The Black Gate is a large gate enclosing the valley that connects the valley of Gorgoroth with the lands north of it. It is part of Sauron's realm.

    The terrain is done in WorldMachine by @Tyranystrasz, but the building is on hold.
    /warp Black Gate

    • Bombadil

    Bombadil is a little house by the river Withywindle in the Old forest. Tom Bombadil lived here with his wife Goldberry. Tom is the master of wood, water and till (farming, food). Further, he has no desire to own anything and he has no fear. There is no simple path to Tom's house, however one is quicker than others: from north-east via Barrows-down and the old barrows road. Any other way will run past the winding paths through the Old Forest, the creatures are perhaps less frightening but many are those who are wandering endlessly in circles, or if they end up inside the Old Man Willow. The original house was designed by @Ryanturambar, but was eventually revamped by @na1rta (the first theme build on MCME). After the Old Forst got revamped for a second time, Tom Bomabdil's house was redone by @Thatruben.
    /warp Bombadil

    • Bonfire Glade

    Bonfire Glade is reminder of the strange ´war´that took place between the Hobbits of Buckland and the malevolent trees of the Old Forest. The trees attacked the hedge that can be found around Buckland to protect the Bucklanders. The Hobbits invaded the forest and burnt down hundreds of trees in a huge bonfire. The Bonfire Glade was the place of this great burning. Even though it is a has been many years, the trees left it an open and empty place.
    /warp Bonfire Glade

    • Bree

    Bree is an ancient colony in Eriador, one of the very few places where Hobbits and Men live among each other. It lays south of Fornost and east of the Shire (Bree is far older than the Shire). Bree was built around a part of the Bree hill. Its is surrounded by a deep ditch and a hedge. The Great East Road passes through the hedge on its western side, out where the dike and hedge met the side of the hill in the southern corner. At both of these points one can find a gate that was closed and guarded after nightfall. Buildings are built on both sides of the Great East Road and some Hobbit holes can be found in the hill. Bree means "hill" in Brythonic (a Celtic Language), which refers to the fact that the village of Bree and the surrounding Bree-lands were centered around a large hill.

    Bree has seen several revamps, it has probably seen the most revamps of any project on MCME. @Carlosbear made the original outline of Bree with landscaping Tools outside of Minecraft.The actual planning was coordinated by the Foremen @Aracnel and @Millork. Bree originally contained player housing. Applications were largely dependent on who donated, made nice concepts, designed textures etc. Players were given specific guidelines on the forums concerning dimensions, roof shapes, and basement sizes, but these were often neglected resulting in many houses being constantly erased and remade. The "Bree Slums" contained droog houses, which were relatively cramped and crowded together. Jumping from roof to roof, droogs created balconies and flat roofs - forming the infamous “Rooftop Community.” The Staff and Officer district, which included honorable members and contest winners in Hobbit holes behind Bree Hill, was iconically memorialized in Jesse Cox’s first ever server tour.

    Revamps (Breevamps):
    Revamp 1 removed the Rooftop Community, this was around the time @Credoo joined. A strict guideline was established for member housing.
    Revamp 2 was necessary several months later, because many of houses becoming quite large. A new style was created by @SMtg, @HomieNo, and @Credoo .
    Revamp 3 decided by @q220 removed all the member housings (Bree had become a bit messy because of it).
    Revamp 4 was done by @Ryanturambar and @Credoo . Houses were built through a community freebuild, according to a specific style tutorial, and then pasted into the city by Staff. This process was so efficient, that Bree was completed in about a week. This is also the current Bree that can be found on MCME.
    /warp Bree

    • Breredon

    Breredon is a little village. It is also called Briar Hill and it is near Haysend in Buckland. It's on the northern bank of the Withywindle in the narrow tongue between the south end of the High Hay and the Baranduin river. It lays on the outside of the great Hedge, which protected most of the Bucklanders of the strange beings which could be found in the Old Forest. The Hobbits of Breredon needed to defend themselves against the Forestfolk and bogies from the Barrows.
    /warp Breredon

    • Brockenborings

    Brockenborings or Brockenbores is a network of tunnels in the hilly region of Scary. They can be found in the northern part of the Shire's Eastfarthing. One of the more outlying parts of the Shire. It consists of only four houses, some smials in the side of the hills and a few fields.
    /warp Brockenborings

    • Bucklebury

    Bucklebury is a chief village of Buckland in the shadow of the Buck Hill. It was built of the banks of the Brandywine river and holds the seat of the Master of Buckland. The name means Buck-burg, or Buck-town (buck always means male goat or deer).
    /warp Bucklebury

    • Budgeford

    Budgeford is a Hobbit settlement in the eastern part of the Shire. It falls in the Bridgefields district and lays on the tributary of the brandywine known as The Water. The town of Budgeford was the seat of the Bolgers, an important family among the Shire-hobbits.
    /warp Budgeford

    • Bywater

    Bywater village in the Westfarthing of the Shire, north of the East Road. The village was by the Bywater Pool. It has most of its houses on the sout bank by the road. On the north bank of the Pool there was a row of Smials. South from the East Road there is a road north to Hobbiton which is lined by an avenue of trees. The village has its own post office and houses the Greed Dragon Inn. The Name refers to it as being beside the Pool. The Green Dragon was originally made by @Iru and then remade by @HomieNo and @Aracnel.
    /warp Bywater