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H - All warps starting with H

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  • This wiki-page will show the lore and a screenshot of all the warps starting with the letter H.
    My sources for the lore is the website
    tolkiengateway.net and for the screenshots the Minecraft Server build.mcmiddleearth.com. The place names are color coded to show the recommended resource pack:
    • Orange for the Eriador resource pack
    • Green for the Rohan resource pack
    • Blue for the Gondor resource pack
    • Gold for the Lórien resource pack
    • Halifirien
    Halifirien was a mountain that was located at the borders of Rohan and Gondor during the War of the Ring. It is said to be the location of the ancient tomb of Elendil (it was moved back to Minas Tirith after Rohan was settled) . It's traditional elvish name was "Amon Anwar" (Hill of Anwe), it was during the settlement of Rohan that the hill got its name of Halifirien "Holy Mountain". It was the location of the most western beacon's of Gondor. They were built in early 2014 as one of the first things done in Gondor.
    /warp Halifirien

    • Hallowmere
    Hallowmere is located on the river Lefnui on the borders of Anfalas and Andrast. It is a small swamp characterised by muddy bogs and limited vegetation. The area constantly has a strange dark mist over it. It was built by @Mandos in the Summer of 2015, it originally had a abandoned settlement which was removed later on. The area is not directly part of the lore.
    /warp Hallowmere

    • Hardbottle
    Hardbottle was a hobbit settlement located in the stony sections of the North Farthing. It means "rocky large dwelling". In MCME the town is located in the wrong part of the Shire for unknown reasons. The town consists of 17 hobbit houses, a quarry and a large windmill. A small market and square are also in the town. It was built as part of the Shire Revamp led by Ryanturambar and it was pasted into the new map along with other Shire builds.
    /warp Hardbottle

    • Harithilien
    Harithilien also known as "South Ithilien", it is the section of Gondor bordered between the river Poros and North Ithilien. The Anduin runs to the left of it and to the right is the Ephel Dúath mountains. It is characterised by open plains and small forests and foothills. The harad road passes through it, starting at the crossings of Poros. Notable areas are Emyn Arnen, a Harad camp and Haudh in Gwanur. The project was led by @Fireinferno13.
    /warp Harithilien

    • Harlond

    Harlond was the docks of Minas Tirith built at the bend of the river Anduin. It lay 4 miles south east of the city. It was protected by the wall Rammas Echor although by the time of the war of the ring much of it laid in ruin. Its position allowed it to see many leagues down the Anduin in case of an invading enemy. Aragorn landed here with stolen corsair ships to support Minas Tirith in the Battle of Pelennor fields. It was finished around the same time as Gondor. This project was led by @Wodleth
    /warp Harlond

    • Haudh in Gwanur
    Haudh in Gwanur was a mound raised on the banks of the Poros by the men of Rohan. It was to entomb their lords Folcred and Fastred twins slain in battle with Harad. It is located in the region of Harithilien. The build was a competition won by @_Luk
    /warp Haudh in Gwanur

    • Haysend
    Haysend is a village at the southern tip of Buckland where the river Withywindle flowed out of the old forest into the Brandywine. Its name comes from the fact its location is the end of the high hay, the hedge raised to protect bucklanders from the Old Forest. The town consists of 8 houses, a stable some docks and a pottery market. It was part of the shire revamp build led by Ryanturambar.
    /warp Haysend

    • Helms Deep

    Helms deep was a valley in the White mountains famous for its glittering caves and the fortress Hornburg or Aglarond. It was used by the Rohirrim for refuge during wars. It was the largest fortress in Rohan and with Isengard it was once used to guard the fords of Isen. The keep contains a stable, armoury and great hall dug into the mountainside. There was also a large tower which held the great horn Helm Hammerhand. The deep ran alongside side it was barred of by a large wall called the Deeping Wall which consisted of solid rock apart from a small gutter for the river to run down. During the war of the ring King Théoden led the Rohirrim here for refuge from Saruman's army. The Battle of the Hornburg followed and the Deeping wall was destroyed by Uruk-Hai explosives. The wall was later repaired with the help of the dwarves.
    /warp Helm's Deep

    • Henneth Annun
    Henneth Annun was a hidden Gondorian outpost near Cair Andros in North Ithilien. During the war of the ring Frodo and Sam wise were taken here by Faramirs company. The secret cave was behind a large waterfall which feel into a oval lake called the "Forbidden Pool". It was first used in T.A. 2901 by Gondorian Rangers. Henneth Annun is also known as "Window of the west/sunset". It was built by @Fireinferno13 during the North Ithilien project in Summer 2014.

    /warp Henneth Annun

    • Hithrengarth
    Hithrengarth is a town located at the foot of the white mountains in the region of Lamedon. It has a keep on a nearby ridge which looks over the road from Erech to Calembel. The town is predominately used for farming but there is also a small quarry near a cliff face. The town has a large mill at its centre likely used to convert wheat into grain. The keep next to it is used as a guard post for the road connecting Calembel to Erech, it has its own armoury and smith and great hall for the lord's of the town. It was built by at @_Luk and @kisos during the Lamedon project in 2015.
    /warp Hithrengarth

    • Hobbiton
    Hobbiton was a village located in the centre of the Shire in West Farthing, Hobbiton was located on both sides of the river. The bywater road passes through the village connecting it to the Great East Road. The village is overlooked by "The Hill" which is the location of Bag End home to Bilbo and Frodo Baggins. Notable locations are Sandyman's mill and the Old grange. The majority of the town is located on the south bank with a market square located just south east of the bridge crossing the water. There are 17 houses currently in Hobbiton. After the war of the ring the town was torn down by Saruman and his gang, when Frodo and company arrived they took back the town and replanted the trees and hedges until the town was once like its previous self. The current Hobbiton on the server was built during the shire revamp led by Ryanturambar.

    /warp Hobbiton

    • Hollin Ridge

    Hollin Ridge was a western outlier of the Misty Mountains roughly halfway between the Bruinen and the Sirannon, and about forty-five leagues south of Rivendell. The ridge was low, topped by ancient holly-trees, and marked the northern border of the long-lost Elven kingdom of Eregion (also known as Hollin).
    /warp Hollin Ridge

    • House of Tarannon Falastur
    The house of Tarannon Falastur is a palace located on the Ethir Anduin. It is home of Tarannon Falastur a old ship commander for the Gondorian fleet. The palace is on an island at the mouth of the Anduin river. There are garden, a large docking station, a great dome and residential areas to see. It was built as part of a public project led by @kisos and @Wroxxite.

    /warp House of Tarannon Falastur