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P - All warps starting with P

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  • This wiki-page will show the lore and a screenshot of all the warps starting with the letter P.
    My sources for the lore is the website
    tolkiengateway.net and for the screenshots the Minecraft Server build.mcmiddleearth.com. The place names are color coded to show the recommended resource pack:

    • Orange for the Eriador resource pack
    • Green for the Rohan resource pack
    • Blue for the Gondor resource pack
    • Gold for the Lórien resource pack
    • Red for the Mordor resource pack
    • Parth Galen

    Parth Galen the green lawn beneath the Amon Hen in Rohan and above the Falls of Rauros. Part Galen was on the western shore of Nen Hither near the southern end. Path Galen means "green sward" in Sindarin.
    /warp Parth Galen

    • Paths of the Dead

    The Paths of the Dead is a haunted pass through the White Mountains. The paths starts at the Dark Door at the end of the long valley of Harrowdale. The paths then continued past forgotten cities, emerging at the southern end of the White Mountains in the Morthond vale, near the stone of Erech. The forgotten city is inhabited by the Dead Men. The Dead Men are those who swore allegiance to Isildur, but betrayed him during the Last Alliance of Elves and Men. For this reason they are cursed to linger in the mountains until one of Isildurs heirs calls upon them to fight against Sauron.
    /warp Paths of the Dead

    • Pelargir

    Pelargir is a great city on the river Anduin, and main harbor of Gondor. Pelargir was built in S.A. 2350 as a haven of the Faithful Numenoreans. One of the first settlements of Numenoreans. As Gondor's power grew, Pelargir became the home of its navy. Pelargir is Sindarin for "Garth of the Royal Ships". The city in MCME is based a lot of Venice, which was also mentioned by Tolkien.
    /warp Pelargir

    • Pincup

    Pincup is a small village in the Shire. It lays in the northern corner of the Southfarthing, build on the southern slopes of the Green Hills.
    /warp Pincup