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T - All warps starting with T

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  • This wiki-page will show the lore and a screenshot of all the warps starting with the letter T.
    My sources for the lore is the website
    tolkiengateway.net and for the screenshots the Minecraft Server build.mcmiddleearth.com. The place names are color coded to show the recommended resource pack:

    • Orange for the Eriador resource pack
    • Green for the Rohan resource pack
    • Blue for the Gondor resource pack
    • Gold for the Lórien resource pack
    • Red for the Mordor resource pack
    • Tarnost

    Tarnost is a fortified town in south Gondor, in the Hills of Tarnost. Meaning of the first part of the name (tarn) is unknown, the second part (ost) means "fortified city". It was mentioned in The War of the Ring and there is a dot labeled 'Tarnost' in The Atlas of Middle-Earth. Tarnost was started on 31th of December 2014 and finished on the 19th of January in 2015.
    /warp Tarnost

    • Tharbad

    An ancient city of Men that was deserted in the Late Third Age after it was devastated in the floods that followed the Fell Winter. An important ford and town during the Second and Third Ages. Its located on the river Gwathlo, at the point where the North:south Road passed from Minhiriath into Enedwaith. The southern edge of Eriador, high up along the once densely forested banks of the Gwathlo. The land being almost flat with sluggish waters tending to spread into fenland. Tharbad the river forked with both branches coming out of a network of swamps, pools and eyots. It is known for its many waterbirds and especially swans. Tharbad is a Sindarin name for "road-crossing".

    HomieNo, with the help of BlueHarvest and others, constructed the city in late 2011. Credoo was asked to re-ruin the city, once on the old map and again on the new map, in which the city received several updates including better interiors, touch ups, and more ruining.
    /warp Tharbad

    • The Shire

    The Shire is a pleasant, green land inhabited by hobbits, an easy-going and unassuming people who want nothing more than a simple life. A small but beautiful and fruitful land, beloved by its inhabitants. The Hobbits had an extensive agricultural system in the Shire, but did not proceed with industrialization. Various supplies could be found in the Shire, including cereals, fruit, wood and pipe-weed. The Shire was quite densely populated in parts with many villages and a few towns, but it still was open enough to allow for wide forested areas and marshes. There were green, rolling hills and freshly tilled earth, along with gardens and flower boxes on window sills. From the Far downs to the Brandywine Bridge, from the northern moors to the marshes in the south. The total area of the shire must have extended roughly about 20,000 square miles. The shire can be divided in four Farthings (North-, South-, East, and Westfarthing), buckland was added later. In the farthings there are some small devisions.
    Originally the hobbits got official permission to settle the Shire, which they started in Third Age 1601. Around 30 years later, almost all of the Hobbits of Middle-earth could be found in the Shire. The Shire was guarded and protected by the Dunedain Rangers of the North. The Shire was not known to have more visitors, occasionally some Darves and Elves would tvael on the Great East Road that Ran through the Shire.

    Eriador was originally constructed by BrotherAlex and Irufush1. Townships were individually layed out, with assistance from players of the community. Starting with Ryanturambar revamp of Bagend, a new style for the entire Shire was established through experimentation in Hobbiton by HomieNo and Credoo. The pasting in of Bagend by Ryanturambar is considered the official start of the server’s New Era (current era). Most villages were established with WorldEdit by staff. Notable contributions were made by BevsForBros, Demonataz, Devilius, Oriour, Ma5termind, and Credoo.
    /warp the Shire

    • Tighfield

    A village located in the Shire, the twn is known to home many of several families. Wiseman Gamwich came to Tighfield about two hundred years before the War of the Ring. Tighfield's name is associated with the tradition of rope-making there and contains an old word for "rope".
    /warp Tighfield

    • Tolfalas

    Tolfalas is a porject that is being complety redone by Tyranystrasz. This page will be updated as soon as he is finished.
    /warp Tolfalas

    • Tookbank

    A small village in the Tookland (the Westfarthing of the Shire). It´s not far west of the larger township of Tuckborough. The name Tookbanks derives from the Tooks add together with the word bank meaning ¨hillside¨. It has been settled after the founding of the Shire.
    /warp Tookbank

    • Tree's Hollow

    A small village which can be found north of Cardhi Medhli in Lamedon.
    /warp Trees´s Hollow

    • Treebeard's Hill

    "Hill. Yes, that was it. But it is a hasty word for a thing that has stood here ever since this part of the world was shaped." a description given by Treebeard in The Two Towers. A stony hill that rose up between the dense forest called Fangorn. Steps led up to a shelf in the side of the rocky hill. From here one could look out over the treetops of Fangorn.
    /warp Treebeard's Hill
    • Trollshaws

    One of the famous settings in the Hobbit. The trollshaws were a upland woods which consisted of mostly beech trees. It can bef ound west of Rivendeel between the Rivers Hoarwell and Loudwater. They are know to be the haunt of trolls. It was here Thorin and Company where attacked by trolls. One can find the trolls that have been turned into stones by the first bundle of daylight.

    The first version began in the second half of 2011, where caves were dug by hand with the help of members and droogs. Ryanturambar designed the original Trolls. BevsForBros designed the terrain primarily with voxel, with the help of various Staff (namely Demonataz and Credoo).
    /warp Trollshaws

    • Tuckborough

    An old an important settlement in the Westfarthing of the Shire. It is nestled in the Green Hill Country. Founded earlier than year 1 by the Shire-reckoning.The meaning was never given explicitly, but almost certainly ¨Tooktown¨.
    /warp Tuckborough

    • Tumladen

    The Rivers Sirith and Celos flow from the White Mountains of Lebennin, joined by a tributary, through Pelargir to join the Anduin. The Celos is a lesser river, serving as a tributary. Sirith and Celos, in Sindarin, translate roughly to "a flowing" and "flow out swiftly" in Sindarin respectively. The Sirith flows through the fortified valley of Tumladen where many took refuge during the War of the Ring, suggesting it was large enough to absorb the incoming refugees in both housing and farmland resources. Tumladen translates roughly to "flat valley with steep sides" or simply "wide valley".

    This project was led by Fireinferno13 and was started on the 21st of March 2016 and was finished in May 2016. Many of the houses in the town were made in a public plot build that was finished in a matter of days, and the others were made by artists, and some adventurers in jobs.
    /warp Tumladen