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O - All warps starting with O

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  • This wiki-page will show the lore and a screenshot of all the warps starting with the letter O.
    My sources for the lore is the website
    tolkiengateway.net and for the screenshots the Minecraft Server build.mcmiddleearth.com. The place names are color coded to show the recommended resource pack:

    • Orange for the Eriador resource pack
    • Green for the Rohan resource pack
    • Blue for the Gondor resource pack
    • Gold for the Lórien resource pack
    • Red for the Mordor resource pack
    • Oatbarton

    Oatbarton is a town or village in the Northfarthing of the Shire. The Northway leads from Oatbarton to the Great East Road.
    /warp Oatbarton

    • Osgiliath

    Osgiliath is the old capital city of Gondor. The city straddled the Anduin River at a point approximately half way between the cities Minas anor to the southwest and Minas Ithil to the northeast. Osgiliath was founded by Isildur and Anarion near the end of the Second Age. The city was built across the river Anduin, with half of the city on one side of there river, and half on the other. The part that lay on the eastern bank was known as East Osgiliath and the par on the western bank was known as West Osgiliath. For most of the city´s existence, the two halves were joined by bridges across the Great River. One by one these were broken, leaving a dangerous ford as the only way across from East Osgiliath. ¨Fortress of the stars¨ is a particular reference to the ¨Dome of Stars¨ that stood in the heart of the city, beneath whose figured dome the chief palantiri (the master stone of Middle-Earth) of the South-kingdom was kept. The beginning of the city´s decline came in T.A. 1437 when it was sacked and burned, after a siege by the rebel Castamir´s forces during the Kin-strife. It was during this siege that the Palantiri was lost in the Anduin. After the Great Plague T.A. 1636 the city began to fall into ruin, the capital was moved to the more secure Minas Anor. The Sindarin name Osgiliath means ¨Citadel of the Stars¨.

    The project was led by Ryanturambar, with help from CaptainDagless. Construction of the city began on the Freebuild server. At first, only staff were permitted to work on the build, later the “trusted” rank was introduced for those permitted to contribute. In the end, HomieNo decided the build was too small and significantly increased the size to what it is now. With the opening of MCME 2.0, attention shifted away from Osgiliath and Gondor and towards revamping Eriador and Rohan. When Osgiliath was finally transferred over to build, the unruined schematic ended up being a whopping 64,700,00 blocks big. Ruining of the city was divided into many small Projects. A notable contribution was that of jcw2003 (@Tyranystrasz ), who led the ruining of the main bridges as well as other sections.
    /warp Osgiliath
    • Ost-In-Edhil

    Ost-in-Edhil was the chief city of Eregion, the great Elvish nation of the mis-Second Age. It lay where the rivers Sirannon and Glanduin met. Ost-In_Edhil was founded by Galadriel and Celeborn, before the time they ruled Lothlorien. In 1200 a mysterious craftsman named Annatar came to the city offering his considerable talents. For 400 years they learned from him and together forged the Rings of Power. Annular was, in truth, Sauron, who returned to Mordor to forge the One Ring. The city stood for nearly a thousand years, but was ravaged by Sauron during his invasion of Eriador. Ost-In-Edhil was completely destroyed. Ost-In-Edhil is Sindarin for the ¨Fortress of the Elves¨.
    /warp Ost-In-Edhil

    • Overbourne Marsh

    The Overborne Marshes were located in the Southfarthing south of the Shirebourn river, where it flowed into the Brandywine river.The Shireborun flowed into it from the west, and the Withywindle ran down to meet it through the Old Forest to the east.
    /warp Overbourne Marsh

    • Overhill

    Overhill is a small village in the Westfarthing, to the north of Hobbiton and The Hill, marking the end of the short road that ran past Bag End and Bagshot Row.
    /warp overhill