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E - All warps starting with E

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  • This wiki-page will show the lore and a screenshot of all the warps starting with the letter E.
    My sources for the lore is the website
    tolkiengateway.net and for the screenshots the Minecraft Server build.mcmiddleearth.com. The place names are color coded to show the recommended resource pack:
    • Orange for the Eriador resource pack
    • Green for the Rohan resource pack
    • Blue for the Gondor resource pack
    • Gold for the Lórien resource pack
    • Red for the Mordor resource pack
    • Edhellond

    Edhellond is an ancient which can be found in the south of Gondor. Established southwest of where the Ringlo joins the Morthond, close to where the two combined rivers flows into the Cobas Haven. It was founded by Sindar before the end of the first Age. He came on three small ships with his fellow refugees fellow refugees from Beleriand during Morgoth´s ascendacy. Over time their numbers increased by Nandor who came down the Anduin. From Edhellond Elves began sailing westward from the time of the fall of Eregion. Ehdhellond means "Elven haven" in Sindarin. Edhellond was started January 16 2015 by @_luk and was finished Marsh 6 2015.
    /warp Edhellond

    • Edoras

    Edoras is the capital of Rohan that holds the Golden Hall of Meduseld. Meduseld served as a house for the King and his kin, a meeting hall for the King and his advisers, and a feast hall. The city is built on a hill in Harrowdale (a valley of the White Moutains) and lays under the great mountain Starkhorn. The river Snowbourn flows past Edoras on its way west towards the Entwash. Edoras is surrounded by a wall, and a dike dug around the hill. Outside of these walls one can find the Barrowfields. These hold the tombs of the Rulers of Rohan. The name Edoras is said to mean "the courts" in the Mark-speech of Rohan. Orignally Edoras was made on a so called community wide "Build Day" and Meduseld was chosen after a competition which Vosrik and _Shalken_ won. Edoras used to contain houses for every single Staff rank (Foreman, Architect, and so on). After MCME moved maps Ma5sterMinD completely re-hauled Edoras. The new Meduseld was started by Credoo and Oronwe, with assistance from CaptainDagless, who did the roof, and ThatRuben, who did finishing touches. It was presented to the server as a giant green wool present to be unwrapped spontaneously.
    /warp Edoras

    • Entmoot

    Entmoot is the meeting of the Ents of the Fangorn Forest. The moot was held by tradition at a dell in the forest known as Derndingle. Derdingle was a hollow in the south of Fangorn Forest, used by the Ents from time immemorial as the place where they met in Entmoot. The hollow itself was clear of trees, except for three tall silver birches that grew in its center. Entmoot was designed by @wheelleee.
    /warp Entmoot

    • Erebor

    The Lonely Mountain or Erebor is a mountain in the north-east of Rhovanion. It is the source of the river Running, and major Dwarven Stronghold (the Kingdom under the Mountain) at the end of the Third Age. Erebor is a project which has not yet been started.
    /warp Erebor

    • Erech

    Erech is a hill in Gondor situated in the far north of the province of Lamendon at the mouth of the Blackroot Vale (the southern fringes of the White Mountains). Far to the west of Minas Tirith, close to the southern entrance to the Paths of the Dead. On top of this hill stood a smooth black globe, the Stone of Erech. Isildur brought his stone with him as a symbol of his lineage. The stone of Erech is a great black stone (spherical in shape and roughly six feet in diameter). It was on this hill the King of the Mountains swore his allegence to Isildur.
    /warp Erech

    • Eregion

    Eregion (Hollin) was a sub-realm of the Noldorin Elves in Eriador. West of Misty Mountains, near the Walls of Moria. Its capital was Ost-In-Edhil. Eregion was populated by Noldor, and for a while ruled by Galadriel and Celeborn (before they left for Lothlorien). The Elves of Eregion lived in harmony with a Dwarven civilization, using the road which ran from Ost-In-Edhil to Khazad-dûm they traded freely between their Kingdoms. After this Celebrimbor ruled over Eregion until he was lured by Sauron into creating the Rings of Power. Sauron returned to Eregion with a vengeance. Despite assistence of the Dwarves, Eregion got utterly destroyed. The survivors fled to Lindon, Lothlorien and Rivendell. The doors of Moria were shut and sealed, and Celebrimbor was slain. After this Eregion was a pleasant, but unpopulated land. The name Eregion is Sindarin for "Land of Holly".
    /warp Eregion

    • Etherhill

    Etherhill is a small village on top of a hill in the north of Anfalas. It consists of a few houses and a large inn. This village isn't mentioned in any of the works of Tolkien. This village was made by @Wraith_Knight.
    /warp Etherhill

    • Ethir Anduin

    Ethir Anduin known as the Mouths of Anduin and Anduin´s Mouths is the delta of the river Anduin south of Pelargir in Gondor. The delta's first settlers were probably Nandorin. Some of the Nandor who had lived upstream, in the Vales of Anduin under the Misty Mountians, passed to its Mouths southward. After they left, the delta was populated by fishermen and other sea-crafty folk. Ethir is a Sindarin word meaning ¨Mouth of a River¨ and Anduin simply means ¨Long River¨. This was created by @_Luk.
    /warp Ethir Anduin.

    • Ethring

    Ethring is a bridge in Southern Gondor. Ehtring is a major crossing point over the river Ringlo along the main road from Erech to Pelargir. Ethring was presumably founded at some point after the creation of the realm of Gondor. The name Ethring means "Across". Ethring was built by @mattlego along the vale of the Ringlo by @Mandos
    /warp Ethring